“The University is strongly committed to the goal of providing students, particularly those from underrepresented backgrounds, with the opportunity to explore their potential for being researchers and educators in science, mathematics, and engineering areas. We welcome the opportunity to serve as mentors and to give students a taste of what research is all about.”

—Maurice Eftink,
Associate Provost and
Graduate Dean


As part of its Summer Research Institute, The University of Mississippi is offering a combination of programs designed to give undergraduate students the chance to explore their interests in science, mathematics, engineering, and technology research.

These Summer Research Scholars will be introduced to the culture of being a researcher and will have hands-on opportunities to work on their own projects under the guidance of a faculty member. Faculty members are given $1000 per student to help cover research expenses.

This will be more than the typical (single lab placement) summer research internship. Students will hear presentations by leading faculty on topics ranging from scientific ethics to scientific strategies; will tour a variety of laboratories to hear about cutting-edge research projects; and will be coached on how to give technology-based presentations, how to do research using library and online resources, and how to master the fundamentals of numerical data analysis and graphical presentation.

There will be significant emphasis on working as a team with other students in the program and in developing problem-solving skills. Undergraduate students will receive this training while registered for an Introduction to Research course, which will all be in addition to hands-on laboratory research experience under the guidance of an active faculty member.

The Summer Research Institute for Undergraduates is open to undergraduates at various stages in their young academic careers. Science, mathematics, and engineering majors who have completed at least their freshman years (rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors) are eligible. A special “bridge” program also will be offered for graduate students who will be entering science, mathematics, and engineering programs in the fall.