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Director's Welcome

It is our hope that our site offers answers about our program and inspires questions about how to learn and excel in Arabic.



Arabic Language Program

Today's global climate has garnered heightened interest in the Arab World in general and its language and culture in particular. To meet the demands for Arab language specialists to work in the public, private and governmental sectors, The University of Mississippi has established a new and exciting Arabic language program, which, it is expected, will in the near future also offer students the ability to minor or major in Arabic.

The Arabic program at The University of Mississippi is founded on the functional approach to language learning and works hand-in-hand with our the Center for Intelligence and Security Studies to produce marketable students who will have real-world experience to offer his or her future employer. The University of Mississippi accomplishes this by providing its Arabic-language learners the opportunity to spend summers abroad in an Arab country during the sophomore, junior and senior years.
In addition to the core language courses, the Arabic program at The University of Mississippi features practice with native Arab language partners, an Arabic Language Club in which only Arabic is allowed, visiting speakers of Arabic and weekly one-on-one sessions with an Arabic instructor.