University of Mississippi

The Arabic Language Minor

Course Requirements

The minor in Arabic requires the completion of 15 hours of Arabic courses, exclusive of 100-level courses and Arab 211

The Arabic Language Major

The Arabic Language Major is designed to prepare outstanding students at the University of Mississippi for work in occupations involving knowledge of complex Arabic constructions.

The Road Map to Major in Arabic

30 credit hours are required beyond the 200 level:

Year Two
ARAB311 (3) (Advanced Modern Standard Arabic) & ARAB313 (2) (basic colloquial Arabic) = 5 ARAB312 (3) (Advanced Modern Standard Arabic) & ARAB314 (2) (basic colloquial Arabic) = 5

Study Abroad Year Two
ARAB315 (6)

Year Three
ARAB411 (3) (Arabic Media) & ARAB413 (2) (Intermediate Colloquial Arabic) = 5
ARAB412 (3) (Advanced Conversation) & ARAB414 (2) (Intermediate Colloquial Arabic) = 5

Year Four
ARAB511 (3) (Introduction to Arabic Literature)
ARAB512 (3) (Introduction to the Qur'an) or
ARAB514 (3) (Survey of Arabic Literature from Pre-Islamic Times until present).