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Five-Year Road Map

The University of Mississippi’s Flagship Program curriculum assists students in achieving superior proficiency in Mandarin Chinese (defined as the Superior level of proficiency on the American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages scale or 3 on the U.S. government’s Interagency Language Roundtable scale). Classes are focused on student performance and are conducted in Chinese. Students take classes at The University of Mississippi in Oxford and in China. Each semester students enroll in one Chinese language course in addition to coursework related to their own major. After achieving Advanced High proficiency by the spring semester of their senior year, students spend a fifth "capstone" year of study and internship in China to achieve Superior proficiency.

The information on this page represents the most common pathway a student will take on his/her road to the Superior level of proficiency. Actual selection and timing of courses will depend on each learner’s language background, progress, and non-Chinese language coursework. For example, heritage learners and incoming freshmen with considerable knowledge of Mandarin may begin their study in the fall semester of their freshman year by taking CHIN 211. Additionally, all students are encouraged to study abroad during one academic semester of their undergraduate career. Academic advisers at the university will assist students in fitting their study abroad experience into the Flagship schedule.

Five-Year Map for Students Beginning with No Prior Study of Chinese

Year 1

Time Location Course
SS I Oxford, MS Chin 111: Intensive Chinese I
SS II Oxford, MS Chin 112: Intensive Chinese II
Fall Oxford, MS Chin 211: Intensive Chinese III
Spring Oxford, MS Chin 212: Intensive Chinese IV

Year 2

Time Location Course
Summer Qingdao, China Chin 215: Chinese Practicum 1
Fall Oxford, MS Chin 313: Media Chinese I: Newspapers and Internet
Spring Oxford, MS Chin 314: Media Chinese II: Broadcast News

Year 3

Time Location Course
Summer China Chin 315: Chinese Practicum II*
Fall Oxford, MS Chin 417: Directed Readings in Chinese Literature
Spring Oxford, MS Chin 418: Directed Readings in Academic Chinese

Year 4

Time Location Course
Fall Oxford, MS Chin 513: Chinese for Advanced Proficiency
CHIN 450: Domain Mentorship (optional)
Spring Oxford, MS Chin 514: Classical Chinese Literature
CHIN 450: Domain Mentorship (optional)

Year 5

Time Location Course
Fall Nanjing or Tianjin 2 Flagship Courses
    2-3 Nanjing or Tianjin University Courses
Spring China Internship

Year One (Oxford, MS)

The primary goal of the first year of study is to raise the student’s language level. Students with no prior knowledge of Chinese begin in the summer prior to their freshman year. These students complete an intensive eight-week language program that is equivalent to the entire first year of language study at Ole Miss. During the fall and spring semesters, students continue to study the vocabulary and grammar patterns necessary to discuss topics related to daily life.

Year Two (China and Oxford, MS)

Students begin the summer of their second year at the Shanghai University Flagship Center. During this time in China, students are encouraged to experience China through observation, investigation, participation, and communication. Students begin to develop intercultural communicative competence through activities both inside and outside of the classroom. They also progress from controlled language processing to automatic processing. Upon return to the United States, students complete two semesters of advanced Chinese classes that focus on topics related to current events as introduced through the Chinese media.

Year Three (Shanghai, China, and Oxford, MS)

*The third year typically begins with a second summer in China, this time in an outside program of the student's choice. After completing the summer in China, students return to the university and complete two semesters of advanced Chinese classes. These courses focus on Chinese academic Chinese and Chinese literature. Students are also encouraged to participate in China-related courses offered at the university. During this time, students transition from formal textbooks into authentic language materials. Some students spend either fall or spring semester (or both) in China, taking language classes as well as courses related to another major. They often do this in continuation of a summer in China.

Year Four (Oxford, MS)

Although not required, students are encouraged to use the summer before their senior year to participate in an internship related to their field of study. During the fall and spring semester, students take courses to increase the depth and breadth of the topics they can discuss comfortably and fully and gain exposure to Chinese literature. Students continue to study advanced syntax and semantics necessary for high proficiency levels. During this fourth year, students generally finish their coursework related to their academic major, thus preparing them for an intensive fifth year in China.

Year Five (Nanjing, China)

The Capstone Year is a year of transition to professional life in which Flagship students reach out well beyond the University of Mississippi on their way to careers informed by the invaluable networks of contacts they establish in China. Students begin the fifth year by enrolling directly as a visiting student at Nanjing University. In addition to classes in Chinese media and advanced composition taught by the Flagship, all students select classes in their own area of interest from the regular Nanjing University course catalog. Following the semester in Nanjing, the Nanjing Flagship Center arranges internship opportunities for each student in a business or an organization where the student’s skills can be utilized in the organization’s daily activities and the student can gain invaluable insights into the culture of the Chinese workplace in his or her field of interest.