The 15th Cumberland Conference on Combinatorics, Graph Theory, and Computing

University of Mississippi
May 16-18, 2002

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The 15th Cumberland Conference

The series of Cumberland Conferences on Combinatorics, Graph Theory, and Computing was begun with the intention of meeting a regional need. The conferences bring together internationally known researchers, university and college professors from throughout the southeastern region, some industrial mathematicians and computer scientists, graduate students in these fields, and some undergraduate students. Particular efforts are made to include faculty and students from smaller institutions throughout the region. These conferences are typically held during the month of May, immediately after the end of the spring semester, and the location rotates among universities in the Cumberland region (see list below).

At the 15th Cumberland Conference there will be four 45 minute talks by the principal speakers and many 20 minute talks, mostly by invited speakers. There will be no registration fee.

There will be a barbecue party on Friday, May 17, 2002

Previous Cumberland Conferences

1. (1988) Tennessee Tech
2. (1989) Memphis State University
3. (1990) University of Louisville
4. (1991) Emory University
5. (1992) Rhodes College
6. (1993) East Tennessee State University
7. (1994) University of Alabama at Huntsville
8. (1995) Vanderbilt University
9. (1996) University of Mississippi
10. (1997) Emory University
11. (1998) East Tennessee State University
12. (1999) University of Louisville
13. (2000) University of Alabama at Huntsville
14. (2001) University of Memphis

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