The 15th Cumberland Conference on Combinatorics, Graph Theory, and Computing

University of Mississippi
May 16-18, 2002

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  Thursday May 16, 2002  
  Time   Speakers Title of the talks
  1:00-2:00   Registration at the Turner Center Lobby
        Turner Center Auditorium
  1:20     Introduction by Dr. Maurice R. Eftink, Associate Provost, Interim Dean of the Graduate School, and Professor of Chemistry
  1:30-2:15 Robin Thomas Progress on the Strong Perfect Graph Conjecture            
  2:30   Cecil Rousseau Irredundant and  Mixed Ramsey Numbers Revisited
  2:50   Paul Balister Voronoi Precolation in $R^d$
  3:10   Xiaoya Zha On Strong Embeddings of Cayley Graphs
  3:30   Mark Ellingham Separating Cycles in Doubly Toroidal Embeddings
  3:50     Break
  4:10   Weizhen Gu On Wide Diameter of Permutation Graphs
  4:30   Terry Mckee Bipartite Intersection Graphs of the Fundamental Cycles and Cutsets of a Graph
  4:50   Ted Dobson Packing Trees of Bounded Diameter into the Complete Graph
  5:10   Gexin Yu Graph Homomorphism into an Odd Cycle
        Old Chemistry Auditorium
  7:00-8:00 Robin Thomas The Four-Color Theorem                      (Dalrymple lecture)
  Friday   May 17, 2002  
  8:00-9:00   Registration
        Turner Center Auditorium
  8:10   Mingquan Zhan Neighborhood Intersections and Hamiltonicity in Almost Claw-free Graphs
  8:30   Laszlo Szekely Crossing Numbers and Biplanar Crossing Numbers
  8:50   Peter Slater Graph Competition Independence and Enclaveless Parameters
  9:10-9:55 Geoff Whittle Growth Rates of Representable Matroids            
  10:20   Michael Jacobson On non-z(mod k) Dominating Sets
  10:40   Bing Wei On the Total Domination Number of Graphs
  11:00   Debra Knisley The k-colored Domination Number of a Graph
  11:20   Steven Winters Cycle Decomposition Numbers of Graphs
  11:40   Peter Johnson Fuzzy Inverse Domination
  12:00     Lunch
  Parallel     Matroid Session --- Turner Center Room 243
  10:20   Ken Bogart Modular Contractible Representable Matroids and Projective Geometries
  10:40   Jilyana Cazaran Codes, Modules, Matroids, Minors, and Duality, Part I
  11:00   Dirk Vertigan Codes, Modules, Matroids, Minors, and Duality, Part II
  11:20   Hongxun Qin Cographic Excluded-minors for the Class of Gain-graphic Matroids
  11:40   Gary Gordon Expected Rank in Antimatroids
  12:00     Lunch
        Turner Center Auditorium
  1:30-2:15 Fred Glover and Gary Kochenberger A Royal Road to Combinatorial Optimization (?)--The 0-1 Programing Problems
             2:20     Break
        Combinatorial Optimization Session
  2:30   Bahram Alidaee Fast Heuristic for Very-Large-Scale Clique Problems
  2:50   Joseph Szmerekovsky Level Workforce Schedules for Two-Stage Transfer Lines
  3:10   Allen Holder Using the Optimal Partition in Matching and Assignment Problems
  3:30   Karen Lewis Preprocessing Algorithms for Generalized Network Solvers
  3:50-4:35 William Cherowitzo On Flocks of Cones: A Revolution of Perspective    
        Projective Geometry Session
  4:50   Minerva Cordero On the Semifield Planes of Order 5^4 and Dimension 2 over the Kernel
  5:10   Keith Mellinger On the Classification of 3-Dimensional Flag-Transitive Planes
  5:30   Mark Miller Affine arithmetic in generalized quadrangles
  6:30-9:30     BBQ Party at the Brandt Memory House
  Saturday May 18, 2002 Turner Center Auditorium
  8:50   Dan Slilaty Representing Regular Matroids Using Graphs
  9:10   Ronald Gould Cycle Lengths in Graphs
  9:30   Xingxing Yu Decomposing 4-Connected Graphs
  10:10   Richard Schelp Conditions Where a Graph is Almost Bipartite
  10:30   Guantao Chen Graphs Minors and Linkages
  10:50   Ralph Faudree Variations of Pancyclic Graphs
  11:10   Linda Lesniak Bipartite Versions of Two Pancyclic Results
  11:30   Jerzy Wojciechowski Snakes in Powers of Complete Graphs
  11:50     Lunch
  1:30   Yue Zhao On d-distance Colorings of Plane Graphs
  1:50   Jeno Lehel Maximum Paths in Interval Graphs
  2:10   Ashok Amin On Maximizing the Number of Certain Three Vertex Subgraphs in a Graph
  2:30   Gayla Domke The Induced Path Number of Graphs and Their Complements
  3:10-4:10     Double Decker Tour of Oxford



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