Blackboard/CourseInfo Instructions

English 309 section 3 has a course web site through which you can access course information, download course handouts, check on assignment changes, and look at websites and other materials related to course themes. The web site was created through the university’s Blackboard/CourseInfo system. To enroll in our online version of English 309 and access our web site, follow the instructions below.

IMPORTANT: You must have Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer version 4.0 or higher to utilize all the features of our online course. If you do not have such access through your personal computer, you may access our online class through the computers at the library, Weir Hall Computer Labs (open til 2 AM), and the Writing Center in Kinard Hall(open til 10 pm each day except Friday).

1) From the OleMiss home page ( click on Especially for Current Students.

2) The next page will give you a list of options. Near the top of the list is "Blackboard/CourseInfo." Click on it.

3) This will take you to Blackboard’s login page. Before you can login to Blackboard and access the online courses, you must have a Blackboard account. To set up an account, click "Create Account." If you are already enrolled in another Blackboard/CourseInfo class, then you already have an existing account, and you can click Login, sign on to your account, and go to step 5.

4) The "Create an Account" page will ask you for information such as name and email address (if you don’t have an email address, you can make one up—the email address is a required field that must be filled out in order for you to register). You will also be asked to give a user name and password. Please use your first initial and complete last name as your user name (EX: user name for Shari Hodges would be shodges). This procedure will allow me to identify you on the class roll. For your password create your own, but don’t forget it! When finished filling out the registration form, click "Submit."

5) After creating your account, you will be taken to the "My Institution" page. This will always be the first page to appear when you login to Blackboard in the future. It will display a list of the Blackboard courses in which you are enrolled, and you’ll be able to click on any course to access it. But to access English 309, you must first enroll.

6) Click on the tab at the top of the page marked "Courses." This will take you to the Course Catalog of Blackboard courses. Scroll down the catalogue list and click on "Liberal Arts." A page of Liberal Arts departments will appear. Click on the English department. This will take you to a list of English courses available on Blackboard. Scroll down the list to our class—English Survey II: Romantics to Present. Click on "Enroll."

7) You will go to a Self Enrollment page. The page will ask you for an access code. Type "survey" and click "Submit." After receiving confirmation of your enrollment, you will then be taken to our course home page.

8) Use the buttons on the left of the home page to navigate our site.
· Announcements: Any changes in daily assignments will be posted here.
· Course Information: Contains course policies, such as grading and attendance.
· Faculty Information: Displays the instructor’s email address, office phone, and office hours.
· Course Documents: Printable copies of the syllabus, course handouts, PowerPoint presentations and lecture material.
· External Links: Links to other web pages of interest to our class.
· Tools: Personal tools for web management, including a feature to edit your home page and a printable manual of instructions for using Blackboard courses.

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