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Ole Miss

Technology Support

Within the Credentialed Area

For technical assistance, please visit the IT Support Center located in the west end of the Music Building, call 662-915-3308, or e-mail

NOTE: Telephone and Network jacks are color-coded:
   Telephone is blue
    Network is red

Access to the debate network requires a username and password.  (Note: They are case sensitive.  Be sure to note the difference between the number "1" and the letter "l" and the number "0" and the letter "o.")  You may pick up this information at the Cisco table in the Media Filing Center or at the IT Support Center. You will need to present your stamped Rate Sheet receipt to receive account information.

When signing in for the first time, please be sure to register using this link.

The Wireless Network within the credentialed area is "DEBATE08."

If you need to log out of the debate network but have already closed the logout window, you may log in and out here.

Individuals needing to connect networked devices such as printers should visit the Cisco table in the Media Filing Center. The network is not designed to support additional devices that extend service such as switches or hubs. These could adversely impact network performance and will not be allowed; however, every attempt will be made to support networked printers, copiers, and other peripherals required by campus visitors.

You are responsible for the security of the data you send over this wireless network. If you plan to transmit sensitive information, you should use secure application-level protocols (HTTPS, SSH, or VPN) or move to a wired network connection.

Outside the Credentialed Area

For technical assistance, please visit the IT Helpdesk located in Weir Hall, call 662-915-5222, or e-mail

Some areas on campus such as the Student Union, the J.D. Williams Library, and Weir Hall allow guest wireless access, which is available to visitors during the debate week. Please be aware that the network for the debate site has been enhanced to provide additional bandwidth and redundancy, but other areas operate over the existing campus network.

The student computer lab in Weir Hall is available to campus visitors during the debate week.