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Ole Miss


A collection of campus and debate related photos is available as a screensaver.  Windows users may download the free Google Photos Screensaver software, while Macintosh users have similar software already installed.  The photo feed will supply new images periodically as they are made available, with no further downloads needed.

For Windows XP & Vista (instructional video):

  1. Browse to, unselect all the options except for Google Photos Screensaver, and click Install Software. (Agree to the terms and conditions, and acknowledge any security warnings you see.) 
  2. After the software has been automatically downloaded and installed, click Run to configure the screensaver settings. Click Settings, and then click Configure next to the Photo feeds option.
  3. Enter for the photo feed URL and then click Add.  Deselect any feeds you don't wish to view and click Done, then Ok, closing all the windows you no longer need. 

For Macintosh 10.5:

  1. Bring up System Preferences and select Desktop & Screen Saver
  2. On the Screen Saver tab, select .Mac and RSS, and then click Options. Click "+" and select "Add RSS Feed."
  3. Enter and click OK. Quit System Preferences.

When your computer is idle for the set length of time, the screensaver will begin displaying random photos from around campus.