Proctor Report



Proctor Report 1859


Proctor Report stating the the hire of two servants (slaves), Marcus and Martin for the year 1858 from B. W. Dacey and L. R. Mullins respectively.









Board Minutes



Board of Trustee Minutes 1850

Contracts have been entered into by me as follows:
Paid A. G. Ellis for servant hire up to 6th February 1850 $83.25
Paid clothing for servant. $6.50
Amount of servant hire for two servants as per
contract for year 1850. $220.00
Proctors salary for 83 days from appointment
to l1th January 1849. $58.90
Proctors salary for half year from 11th January
to 11th July 1849. $125.00
Proctors salary from 11th July 1849 to 11th
July 1850. $250.00




Board Minutes



Board of Trustee Minutes

The Board of Trustee Minutes 1848 through 1860 stating the amount, two hundred and twenty dollars, for the hire of two servants and the amount of six dollars for the purchase of clothing for servants.

Resolved that the servants employed about the College, be under the control & direction of the Proctor and Faculty, and that they be required to devote all the time not necessarily engaged in cleaning up the dormitories, and furnishing the same with the necessary water, and making fires, to cleaning off the College grounds as the said Proctor & Faculty may direct, and that said servants are not allowed to leave the College grounds without permission of the Faculty, which was adopted.

-Information provided by University of Mississippi Special Collections