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Letter from the Dean

Letter from the Applied Sciences Alumni Chapter president and president elect

New president of national speech-language-hearing group will focus on shortage of teachers with doctorates

Grandparents who raise grandchildren get special recognition--and help

Senior from Alabama is first recipient of Park and Recreation Management Scholarship

DeSoto Center's day classes in social work and criminal justice reach out to working students

How to stay involved in your school

School of Applied Sciences is proud of spring 2004 Phi Kappa Phi initiates

Professor's concern about kids on welfare leads to recognition from state group

Two departments get new leaders

Three Applied Sciences scholars receive UM's highest honor

National award is icing on the cake for dietetics professor who loves teaching

Teaching students to handle alcohol responsibly is task of new UM position held by Applied Sciences grad


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Grandparents who raise grandchildren get special recognition--and help

A growing number of grandparents are stepping back into parenting, raising their grandchildren as their own. On Feb. 21, the Department of Social Work and community partners hosted a Celebration Brunch and Educational Forum that offered assistance, educational resources, and other support for grandparents and other relatives raising children.

“We know that there are a lot of grandparents and other relatives serving as the primary caregivers for young children. There may be special issues and concerns they deal with that differ from what parents would deal with,” said Jo Ann O’Quin, event coordinator and associate professor of social work and pharmacy administration. “Having a community support network will be beneficial to help address these concerns.”

Jennifer Buford, graduate student coordinator and school district attendance officer, agreed. “While the brunch is meant to commend grandparents and others for stepping up and helping to raise children, we also want to provide a state network to make their jobs easier,” she said.

“Grandparents raising children is not an isolated case in Lafayette County; it is a growing trend. In fact, Mississippi is among the top three states in terms of grandparents and other relatives raising children,” she said.

Besides commending, assisting, and encouraging grandparents who raise children, the program also provides legal and financial advice, tax tips, and resources for educational and emotional assistance.











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