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Thank you to everyone who made a contribution to the School of Applied Sciences during 2010. The following list reflects gifts that were made between Jan. 1, 2010, and Dec. 31, 2010. Every effort was made to present an accurate reflection of our donors. Please contact Sheila Dossett, Alumni Association, at 662-915-7375 if you have any questions.

Patron ($25,000+)

Sharon and George M. Shirley

Benefactor ($10,000 - $24,999)

Barri and Don O. Haskins
Rhonda T. and James M. Kuboviak

Executive ($5,000 - $9,999)

Kappa Delta Sorority

Advocate ($2,500 - $4,999)

Linda F. Chitwood
Mitzi J. and Lynn K. Whittington

Associate ($1,000 - $2,499)

Lindsay M. and Harris F. Powers III
Claude G. Rives IV

Steward ($500 - $999)

Anne M. Klingen and Thomas R. Ayles
Janice K. and John W. Bounds
Carol M. and Leroy Boyd
Judith L. Cole
Karen E. and Randall M. Corban
Joyce M. and Danny Covington
Judith C. Crowson
Linda G. and Jeff Davis
Sheila W. Dossett
Rebecca F. and Mike Ehrlicher
Robert E. Fox
Sue T. and Lance H. Hale
Hollywood Casino-Tunica
Home Instead Senior Care
Brenda L. and Carl J. Jensen III
Jeffrey M. Johnson
Linda D. Keena
Terry P. and John P. Lyons
Sloan J. Milton
Jack E. Owen Jr.
Angela G. Rabin
William Stricklin
Suzan B. and John H. Thames Jr.
Katherine M. and Stephen D. Trigg
George M. Van Meter Jr.
Courtney O. Walker
Susan S. and James W. Warren Jr.
Susan E. Wasserman
Lisa M. and Michael P. Wigginton Jr.

Senior Partner ($250 - $499)

21c Museum Hotel
Gwendolyn O. and T. J. Anderson II
Kim R. Beason
Rebecca B. and Arthur Bressler Jr.
Brooks Shaw & Son
Jennifer M. and Robert M. Burns
Nan G. and Thomas R. Davis
M. M. Forbes
Connie D. and H. C. Fox
Tina H. and James W. Hahn
Debra A. Helms
Jay Investments, LLC
Ralph C. Kennedy
Stephen L. Mallory
Bonnie K. and David H. McElreath
Robert E. Mongue
Debra J. Moore
George M. Murphy
Nucor Steel Jackson, Inc.
Ralph C. Price
Pamela K. and James D. Stafford
Tim Stamps RPh
Tupelo Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Diane S. and Paul G. Walker
Sandra R. and James L. Weeks
Lorri C. Williamson
Wilson Hotel Management Co., Inc.
Kenneth R. Winter
Jennifer C. and Brian L. Wyatt

Partner ($100 - $249)

Advanced Healthcare Management, Inc.
Nancy M. Allen
Michael Aponte
Baptist Memorial Health Care
Marie Barksdale
Ruth Bee
Ronald G. Bennett
Lori L. and Clifford Blaylock
Janis C. and Russell M. Boothby
Beverly S. and Joey Brent
Nancy K. and Jim Brooks
Craig Byrd
Louise C. Calandruccio
Jennifer and James P. Caldwell
Paula S. and D. W. Callicutt
Carol U. and Sam H. Campbell IV
Chelsea K. Caveny
Ronisha R. Covington
Nancy S. and Ronald D. Craddock
Keytric A. and Regis L. Cross
Gregory T. Davis
Brian Dearing
Judy and Peter W. Dillon
Betsy and John B. Dixon Jr.
Elizabeth A. Duffy
Joanne B. and Mark F. Duffy
Ann C. and Chris N. Duke
Linda and Edward M. Faggart
Barbara and William H. Faust
Weba C. and James V. Ferguson Jr.
Shanna K. and Walter Flaschka
Joann H. and John H. Flynt Jr.
Parker Fowler
Marilyn and Richard C. Frey
James D. Gilbert
Jennifer Gillom
Frances C. and Joel Grubb
Mollie J. and Oliver G. Halle
Abby C. Hamrick
Melissa E. and Les H. Handlin
Mona M. Harrison
David E. Hicks Jr.
R. M. Hodges
Helen W. Howarth
James H. Hudson
Robert R. Hudson Jr.
Winn V. Hutchcraft Jr.
Ann M. and Robert J. Huzinec
Molly A. Ivy
Annie L. Jenkins
Lyn C. and Donald M. Kartiganer
Margaret E. King
Kathy B. and Scott S. Knight
Michael S. Lauth
Verda J. and John D. Laws Jr.
Nola M. Leggett
Leigh F. and Scott R. Lenz
Christopher M. Liddy
Jeanne Lippincott
Sarah A. Miller and Mark Loftin
Patricia A. Love
Susan A. and Donald R. Mason
Sandra C. and Tyrus A. McCarty
Christopher and Christopher McCurdy
Jo A. O'Quin and Kenneth O. McGraw
John M. McKenzie
Lisa L. and Maurice Mendel
Mid-South Transplant Foundation, Inc.
Sheral Cade and Vernon Miller Jr.
Mississippi Methodist Senior Services, Inc.
F. H. Montgomery Jr.
Jan Mutchler
Anne and Thomas Nesbitt
Leah J. Nuckolls
Janette Parker
Virginia Y. Parker
Adam B. Peacock
Beth P. and Bill Pelzer
Jude T. Popernik
Proof on Main
Providence PCC of Senatobia
John F. Richardson Jr.
Randy S. Rocha
Linda P. and Harry J. Rucker
Helen K. Rueter
William D. Sanders
Grace and Peyton M. B. Self III
Thomas R. Sharpe
Bonnie S. and Dennis F. Siebert
Sitters LLC
Babs and Gregory A. Ton
Candis C. and David F. Varnell
Martha K. and Leonard C. Vincent
Julie A. West
Lisa S. Wheeler
Michael Whitmore
Windsor Management Services, Inc.
Stephen S. Wooten
Sharon M. and Charles F. Young Jr.
Debra and Gregory J. Yusko

Friends ($1 - $99)

Aileen Ajootian
David Ard
John Banks
Kelleigh M. Barron
Penny S. and Carter O. Bise
Jean P. Blackston
Cynthia C. and Lowell Bland
Fran C. Bolen
Eric S. Brady
Suzanne D. and David C. Brandon Jr.
Patricia H. and John R. Brashier
Marta M. and Larry L. Brookhart
Michael J. Brookings
Joette Kelley-Brown and Stephen R. Brown
Wendy R. Bryant
Charlene G. and William F. Bullock
Marilyn M. Carr
Betty B. Carroll
Elizabeth B. and Robert G. Carroll Sr.
Melissa L. Clanton
Laura A. Clarke
Martha R. Collins
Pamela S. Conn
Pranati S. Copeland
Susan W. Cowgill
Cathy S. Craven
Rebecca A. Davant
Reginald S. Davis
Amiee M. Dickerson
Albert C. Dotson III
Virginia N. Drago
Valerie J. and Martin C. Durbin
Leanne M. Dyess
Cynthia A. Fry
Betty M. Fulwood
Charles B. Funk
Teri L. Gary
Janet L. Gehring
Donna O. Gibson
Susan M. Glisson
Marguerite M. and Albert J. Hackl Jr.
Carolon M. Hamblin
Kent and Roberta A. Hannibal
Roberta A. and Kent Hannibal
Theresa B. Hellen
Rosemarie M. and Craig J. Hickey
Sarah K. and Frederick G. Hickman Jr.
Katherine J. and Harold R. Howe Jr.
Barbara J. and Scott T. Hutcheson
Robert Hynes
Margaret A. Italia
Rita R. and Jimmy H. Jackson
Macel M. and John P. Juergens
Peggy A. Keady
Ruby S. Kelley
Claire E. Killen
Brian D. Kirk
Melody and Larry Kleuser
Leigh V. and Gaylon R. Koon
Laurel G. Lambert
George K. Lewis
David B. Lindley
Kitty V. and James W. Mann
Donna and Louis E. Marconi
Laura S. Martin
Grace Mathis
Judith C. and William R. McQueen
Jeanette B. and Bob Morgan
Elizabeth N. and William R. Nation Jr.
Charlene A. Ott
Scott G. Owens
Margaret R. Partridge
John B. Patterson
Jane A. Phillips
Terri D. Phillips
Melissa T. and Robert D. Pittman
David C. Randall
William E. Real Jr.
Stacey D. Reynolds
Vicki B. and Sammy K. Rhymes
Christine S. and Donald Rockey Jr.
Regina M. Russell
Elizabeth A. Rybolt
Kathy A. and Brigham G. Samson
Anna D. Sanders
Emily C. Schmidt
Shaneka Simmons
Whitney C. and Jason C. Simon
Eric T. Stewart
Jennifer L. Stewart
John W. Stewart
Lauren B. Stone
Maria and Daniel Strini
Hart Sullivan
Vicki L. Taylor
Margie Thomas
Tanna V. and Michael A. Thomas
Betsy M. and Willie O. Toles
Kathleen R. Wachter
Stephanie R. Wales
Charles Watt
Ann H. Welch
James Weston
Nancy Y. and Bruce A. Wilcox
Janet R. and John D. Wofford Jr.
Lakeida K. Yates
Missy G. Younger

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