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On My Honor

School adopts code developed by students

By Johnny McMillan

An honor code was officially adopted by the School of Applied Sciences on March 24, 2010.

"This code is a public commitment by the students, faculty and staff to uphold the highest standards and further strengthens our dedication to maintain both excellence and integrity in everything we do," said Marie Barnard, assistant dean.

The Presidents' Council, which functions as an advisory council to the dean of the School of Applied Sciences, was charged by Dean Linda Chitwood during the fall 2009 semester to develop an honor code for the school. The Presidents' Council is composed of students who serve as presidents and vice presidents of student organizations represented within the school. These students worked diligently on researching the appropriate elements, establishing the scope and routing the code for approval through the school's curriculum and policy committee.

Teresa Carithers, associate dean, serves as the adviser for this group of students.

"I was so impressed with how thoughtfully these students worked to develop this code," Carithers said. "It was a great exposure to the school's curriculum and policy process and gives students, faculty and staff a serious standard to uphold."

The Presidents' Council presented the code to the dean, who then asked the curriculum and policy committee to review and approve it. Upon the committee's approval, the policy became official.

The code reads: "The School of Applied Sciences maintains an expectation of honor and academic integrity in all of its teaching, learning, research and service activities. All School of Applied Sciences' faculty, staff and students are expected to uphold the highest standards of academic integrity in their own work, refuse to tolerate violations of academic integrity, and foster integrity and professional responsibility as a part of the university community."

Chitwood said she is proud of the work accomplished.

"Given the nature of our professional programs and the importance of integrity in the professional and personal success of our graduates, like the UM Creed, this code serves as a reminder to each of us that learning communities thrive when intellectual inquiry is grounded in honesty, integrity and respect."

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The school's new honor code shows students are dedicated to maintaining excellence and integrity.

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