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Graduates of 2008-1998

Smart, Kurt
2008. Fine-scale patterns in microbial extracellular enzyme activity during leaf-litter decomposition in a stream and its floodplain. M.S. Thesis. (Dr. Colin Jackson)

Yamnik, Patrick
2008. Factors Affecting Breeding Pond Selection in Spotted Salamanders. M.S. Thesis
(Dr. Buchholz)

King, Jonas
2007. Systematics of the variegated mud-loving beetles (Coleoptera: Heteroceridae), with emphasis on the southeastern fauna. M.S. Thesis. (Dr. Lago)

Kroger, Robbie
2007. Nitrogen and phosphorus flux in agricultural drainage ditches in northern Mississippi Ph.D. Dissertation (Dr. Holland)

Lee, Andrekeus
2007. Mechanisms of the Persistence of Antibiotic Resistant Enteric Bacteria in Freshwater Wetland Environments. Ph. D. (Dr. Halda-Alija)

Bell, Sherry
2006. Current and historial plant species composition in fire-impacted pine-hardwood forests in northern Mississippi. Ph. D. Dissertation. (Dr. Brewer)

Faulkner, Alison
2006. Nitrogen use efficiency in Cyperus haspan, a C3 wetland sedge, in a six-month greenhouse experiment at the University of Mississippi Field Station.
M.S. Thesis. (Dr. Holland)

Hinman, Sarah
2006. Plant Community Responses to an Extended Fire-free Interval Following Frequent Fires in Two Wet Pine Savannas in Southern Mississippi. M.S. Thesis. (Dr. Brewer)

Koh, Hongsuk
2006. Temporal and Spatial Variation in Methane and Carbon Dioxide from a Spring-fed Forested Wetland. M.S. Thesis. (Dr. Ochs)

Rajkarnikar, Bikash
2005. The effect of timber harvesting on soil biogeochemical and physical properties: resilience studies on disturbed forests and their associated wetlands.
M.S. Thesis. (Dr. Holland)

Beadle, J.
2004. Nitrogen and Phosphorus removal capabilities of Juncus effusus and Paspalum urvillei under eutrophic water conditions. M.S. Thesis. (Dr. Holland)

Hohman, Doug
2004. Avian Communities and Fire History of Three Climax Upland Communities in Northern Mississippi: Mesophytic Forest, Oak-Pine Forest, and Black Belt Prairie.
M.S. Thesis. (Dr. Brewer)

Gowe, Amy
2004. Phylogeny and Fire-Adaptive Traits of the genus Pityopsis. M.S. Thesis.
(Dr. Brewer)

Mwangi, Esther
2004. Behavioral responses of black imported fire ants (Solenopsis richteri Forel) to substrate vibrations and their effect on the efficiency of a biocontrol agent, the decapitating fly (Psuedacteon Curvatus Borgmeier). M.S. Thesis. (Dr. Lago)

Chambers-Strong, L
2003. An examination of soil biogeochemical properties and seed bank dynamics of timber harvested lands in Lafayette and Calhoun Counties, Mississippi.
M.S. Thesis. (Dr. Holland)

Aquilani, Steve
2002. Bird communities of Holly Springs National Forest: past and present habitat considerations for forest song bird communities. Ph. D. Dissertation. (Dr. Brewer)

Galicki, Stan
2002. Bald cypress dendrochemistry and sediment geocehmistry in a lake fringe wetland, Sky Lake, Mississippi. Ph.D. Dissertation (Drs. Davidson and Threlkeld).

Haag, Wendell
2002. Spatial, temporal, and taxonomic variation in population dynamics and community structure of freshwater mussels. Ph.D. Dissertation. (Dr. Miller)

Sims, Chris
2002. Physiological, ecological, and behavioral aspects of the early life histroy of the northern mockingbird (Mimus polyglottus). Ph.D. Dissertation (Drs. Holberton and Miller)

Wilson, Morgan
2002. The endocrine basis for trade-offs between immediate survival and reproductive success in Arctic- and temperate-breeding yellow warblers, Dendroica petechia. Ph.D. Dissertation (Drs. Holberton and Miller).

Chambers, JulieAnn
2002. Bald cypress (Taxodium distichum) growth in the Little Tallahatchie River Basin: Effects of a flood control dam. M. S. Thesis. (Dr. Threlkeld).

Hunter, Meredith
2002. The role of androgens in the onset of the pre-nuptial molt in American goldfinch (Cardelius tristis). M. S. Thesis. (Dr. Buchholz).

Peltier, Dezra
2002. Age determination of the freshwater mussel Amblema plicata of North Mississippi. M. S. Thesis. (Dr. Holland).

Subgani, Rama
2002. Production of indole-3-acetic acid by plant growth promoting assemblages of the freshwater macrophyte Juncus effusus L. M. S. Thesis. (Dr. Halda-Alija).

Germano, Beth
2001. Asymmetry in repdouctive isolation in four populations of Schizocsa crassipes from the southeastern United States (Araneae; Lycosidae). M.S. Thesis. (Dr. Miller)

Grenfell, Ric
2001. A Comparison of the Early Life Stage Responses of the Zebrafish (Danio rerio) to Copper Sulfate: A Metal Toxicant, Chlorpyrifos: An Oraganophosphorus Insecticide, and Benzo(a)pyrene: A Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon. M.S. Thesis (Dr. D'Surney)

Lombardi-Carlson, Linda
2001. Comparisons of Sphryna tiburo populations from the Gulf of Mexico: latitudinal variation and density-dependent regulation. M.S. Thesis (Dr. Parsons)

Vidal, Gregory
2001. The Molecular and Evolutionary study of the Globin Gene of Zebrafish and to related species. M.S. Thesis (Dr. D'Surney)

Cash, William Benjamin
2000. The effects of changing habitat quality on the behavior and endocrinology of the freshwater turtle, Trechemys scripta. Ph.D. Dissertation (Dr. Holberton).

Haggard, Angie
2000. A Study of Hematological Parameters in Coastal Sharks of the Northern Gulf of Mexico. M.S. Thesis (Dr. Parsons)

Sandrene, Melissa
2000. Age and Growth of the Atlantic Sharpnose shark, Rizoprionodon terraenovae, in the Gulf of Mexico. M.S. Thesis (Dr. Parsons)

Fader, Paul
1999. Microbial aspects of iron gradient including biofouling. Ph.D. Dissertation. (Dr. Mikell)

Libman, Bruce
1999. Zooplankton in floodplain habitats: Diapause and population genetics in response to flood control. Ph.D. Dissertation. (Dr. Threlkeld)

Moore, Matthew T.
1999. Fate of chlorpyrifos, atrazine, and metolachlor from non-point sources in wetland mesocosm. Ph.D. Dissertation. (Dr. Rodgers)

Harris, Marcuslene DeWayne
1999. Biocidal efficacy and potential applications of the Sparker System Plasma Arc as applied to water and wastewater. M.S. Thesis. (Dr. Mikell)

Konzen, Karen
1999. The Effects of multiple chemical exposures on the Crayfish Procambarus acutus. M. S. Thesis. (Dr. Gaston)

Martinovic, Dalma
1999. Effect of endurance training on swimming performance and hematological characteristics in the Grass Carp. M.S. Thesis. (Dr. Parsons)

Milburn, Scott
1999. Chemical and microbial properties of flooded Mississippi delta agricultural soils. M.S. Thesis. (Dr. Ochs)

Baca, Robert
1998. The Use of Size Distributions in Ecological Experiments. Ph.D. Dissertation. (Dr. Threlkeld)

Carlson, John
1998. The physiological ecology of the Bonnethead Shark, Sphyrna tiburo, Blacknose Shark, Carcharhinus acronotus, and Florida Smoothhound Shark, Mustelus norrisi: Effects of dissolved oxygen and temperature. Ph.D. Dissertation. (Dr. Parsons)

Gillespie Jr., William
1998. A scaled appoach for intergrated development of constructed wetlands for the transfer and transformations of zinc and associated toxicity in a refinery effluent. Ph.D. Dissertation. (Dr. Rodgers)

Lizotte Jr., Richard Edward
1998. Surfactant exposures and fathead minnow, Pimephales promelas Rafinesque, responses at several hierarchial levels of biological organization. Ph.D. Dissertation. (Dr. Rodgers)

Morrow Jr., James V.
1998. Early life history of Northern Pike, esox lucius, and emigration from spawning wetlands. Ph.D. Dissertation. (Dr. Miller)

Rhew, Kyeongsik
1998. Autotrophic picoplankton in a southeastern reservoir: Population dynamics and regulating factors. Ph.D. Dissertation. (Dr. Ochs & Dr. Threlkeld)

Balducci, Jill
1998. Ecological integrity of wetland soils: testing of a soil perturbation index in Northern Mississippi wetlands. M. S. Thesis (Dr. Holland)

Bartlett, James
1998. The effect of dissolved oxygen and absorptive state on the swimming performance and swimming respiration of juvenilie Channel catfish, Ictalurus punctatus (Rafinesque). M. S. Thesis (Dr. Parsons)

Brooks, Bryan
1998. Effects of food web structure on thermal profiles for freshwater ponds. M. S. Thesis (Dr. Threlkeld)

Davis, Sara
1998. Vegetation and substrate types for wastewater treatment wetlands. M.S. Thesis. (Dr. Holland)

Leighton, Edgar
1998. Reproduction and the risk of predation during courtship of the web-invading spider Argerodes trigonum. M.S. Thesis. (Dr. Miller)

Mastin, Brian
1998. Characterization and assessment of Lyngbya-dominated cyanobacteria "blooms" in a reservoir at a former bleached kraft pulp and paper mill. M. S. Thesis (Dr. Rodgers).

Pigott, Kevin Russell
1998. Current woody vegetative community structure and composition in a sixteen kilometer stretch of the Little Tallahatchie River. M.S. Thesis. (Dr. Holland)

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