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Dr. Christopher Leary

Assistant Professor
Department of Biology
The University of Mississippi

Office: 424 Shoemaker
Phone: (662) 915-1087


Research Interests:
Endocrine and neural systems underlying animal communication and behavior.

PhD, 2005, University of Oklahoma
MS, 1998, Auburn University
BS, 1992, Auburn University

Selected Publications:

Leary, C.J. 2009. Hormones and acoustic communication in anuran amphibians. Integrative and Comparative Biology 49:452-470.

Edwards, C.J., Leary, C.J., Rose, G.J. 2008. Mechanisms of long-interval selectivity in midbrain auditory neurons: roles of excitation, inhibition and plasticity. Journal of Neurophysiology 100:3407-3416.

Leary, C.J., Garcia, A.M., Knapp, R. 2008. Density-dependent mating tactic expression is linked to stress hormone in Woodhouse’s toad. Behavioral Ecology 19:1103-1110.

Leary, C.J., Garcia, A.M., Knapp, R., Hawkins, D.L. 2008. Relationships among steroid hormone levels, vocal effort and body condition in an explosive-breeding toad. Animal Behaviour 76:175-185.

Leary, C.J., Edwards, C.J., Rose, G.J. 2008. Midbrain auditory neurons integrate excitation and inhibition to generate duration selectivity: an in vivo whole-cell patch study in anurans. Journal of Neuroscience 28:5481-5493.

Edwards, C.J., Leary, C.J., Rose, G.J. 2007. Counting on inhibition and rate-dependent excitation in the auditory system. Journal of Neuroscience 27:13384-13392.

Leary, C.J., Garcia, A.M., Knapp, R. 2006. Stress hormone is implicated in satellite-caller associations and sexual selection in the Great Plains toad. The American Naturalist 168:431-440.

Leary C.J., Garcia, A.M., Knapp, R. 2006. Elevated corticosterone levels elicit non-calling mating tactics in male toads independently of changes in circulating androgens. Hormones and Behavior 49:425-432.

Leary, C.J., Fox, D.J., Shepard, D.B., Garcia, A.M. 2005. Body size, age, growth, and alternative mating tactics in toads: satellite males are smaller but not younger than calling males. Animal Behaviour 70:663-671.

Leary, C.J., Jessop, T.S., Garcia, A.M., Knapp, R. 2004. Steroid hormone profiles and relative body condition of calling and satellite toads: implications for proximate regulation of behavior in anurans. Behavioral Ecology 15(2):313-320.  

Leary, C.J. 2001. Investigating opposing patterns of character displacement in release and advertisement vocalizations of Bufo americanus and B. fowleri (Anura; Bufonidae). Canadian Journal of Zoology 79:1577-1585.

Leary, C.J. 2001. Evidence of convergent character displacement in release vocalizations of Bufo fowleri and B. terrestris (Anura; Bufonidae). Animal Behaviour 61:431-438.