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Research Areas

The Department of Biology offers graduate programs of study leading to M.S. and Ph.D. degrees. Areas of research interest of individual faculty are:

Dr. Stephen Brewer: fire ecology, plant ecology, invasive species

Dr. Carol Britson: human physiology

Dr. Richard Buchholz: animal behavior, host-parasite coevolution

Dr. Lainy Day: behavioral neuroscience, neuroplasticity, evolution of cognition & motor-learning

Dr. Wendy Garrison: seed dispersal

Dr. Gary Gaston: coral reef ecology, benthic invertebrates

Dr. Denis Goulet: behavioral & reproductive ecology of coral reef fish

Dr. Tamar Goulet: symbiosis & host-symbiont semotypic combinations, marine ecology, coral reefs, coral-algal physiology

Dr. Jason Hoeksema: ecological & evolutionary consequences of species interactions, focusing especially on plants and mycorrhizal fungi

Dr. Marjorie Holland: aquatic botany, wetland ecology

Dr. Erik Hom: synthetic ecology, fungal-algal interactions, evolution of symbiosis and microbial consortia, waste valorization

Dr. Colin Jackson: microbial ecology & diversity

Dr. Mika Jekabsons: mechanisms of apoptosis, cell physiology & mitochondrial physiology

Dr. Bradley Jones: cell differentiation, nervous system development, Drosophila genetics

Dr. Paul Lago: insect taxonomy

Dr. Christopher Leary: endocrine and neural systems underlying animal communication and behavior

Dr. Lucile McCook: plant systematics, orchids

Dr. Brice Noonan: diversity and distributions of tropical organisms

Dr. Clifford Ochs: biogeochemistry & plankton ecology, large river ecology

Dr. Glenn Parsons: shark physiology & natural history, stress physiology

Dr. Gail Stratton: spiders, systematics, behavior

Dr. Stephen Threlkeld: aquatic food webs, ecology of epibionts, design and analysis of field experiments, multiple stressor effects on agricultural wetlands