University of Mississippi

Department of Biology Seminar Series

Fall 2008

Unless otherwise noted below, seminars are held on Fridays at 2 p.m. in Room 303 Shoemaker Hall

Sep. 5

**begins at 12 noon

Dr. Jordan Zjawiony, University of Mississippi, Department of Pharmacognosy and Research Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences
"Salvia divinorum--the magic mint"

Please note this seminar is not being held at the usual time

Sep. 12

Dr. Justine Karst, University of Mississippi, Department of Biology
"Ectomycorrhizas in context: evaluating the roles of hosts, fungi and soils to the symbiosis"

Sep. 19

Dr. Vijay Ramalingam, University of Mississippi, National Center for Physical Acoustics
"Buzz-digging and buzz-plastering in the black and yellow mud-dauber wasp"

Sep. 26

No seminar today -- Presidential Debate

Oct. 3

Dr. Dawn Wilkins, University of Mississippi, Dept. of Computer & Information Science"Tracing data lineage and provenance in scientific datasets"

Oct. 10

Dr. Wei-Yin Chen, University of Mississippi, Department of Chemical Engineering
"Stochastic analysis of non-linear biological and ecological processes"

Oct. 17

Dr. Jerome Goddard, Mississippi Department of Health, Bureau of Environmental Health
"Medical entomology at the Mississippi Department of Health"

Oct. 24

Dr. Ramin Homayouni, University of Memphis, Department of Biology
"Identification of new amyloid precursor protein (APP) binding partners; new insights into mechanisms of Alzheimer's Disease"

Oct. 31

Dr. Stephen Threlkeld, University of Mississippi, Department of Biology
"The organization of symbiont communities"

Nov. 7


Dr. Bob Vander Meer, USDA Center for Medical and Veterinary Entomology (Gainesville, Florida)
"Multifunctional fire ant alarm pheromone: Practical applications"

**This is a joint seminar with the USDA National Center for Natural Products Research, and will be held at 2 p.m. in 2066 Faser Hall

Nov. 14 

Dr. David Pasco, University of Mississippi, National Center for Natural Products Research
"Contribution of bacterial endophytes to the immune enhancing properties of botanical supplements"

Nov. 21

Dr. Lisa Wallace, Department of Biology, Mississippi State University
"Do different genes really have different stories to tell? A multi-locus approach to understanding the evolution and radiation of Schiedea across the Hawaiian Islands"

Please contact  Dr. Jason Hoeksema (915-1275) in the Department of Biology to schedule an appointment with a speaker.