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Spring 2011


Feb. 25

Louis Zachos, University of Mississippi, Department of Geology
"Modeling echinoid skeletal growth: Testing hypotheses of development and evolution"

Mar. 4

Louis Hesler, USDA-ARS, North Central Agricultural Research Laboratory
"Lost and found: A saga of North American lady beetles"

Mar. 11

Ryan Earley, University of Alabama, Department of Biological Sciences
"Probing the mechanisms of phenotypic plasticity in fishes:  From molecules and social information to the physical environment"

Mar. 18

No Seminar--Spring Break holiday

Mar. 25


Diane De Steven, USDA Forest Service, Center for Bottomland Hardwoods Research
"Developing ecological frameworks for managing and restoring wetlands"

Apr. 1

Rani Menon,University of Mississippi, Department of Biology (PhD dissertation defense) "Phosphorus retention in constructed wetlands with Juncus effusus, Carex lurida and Dichanthelium acuminatum var. acuminatum"

Apr. 8

Christine Bertz,University of Mississippi, Department of Biology (PhD dissertation defense) "Invasion of hurricane-disturbed scrub communities on barrier islands in Mississippi:  A battle between native and non-native ecosystem engineers"

Apr. 15

Dorota Maciag,University of Mississippi Medical Center, Department of Psychiatry & Human Behavior
"GABA nervous system in major depressive disorders"

Apr. 22

No Seminar--Good Friday holiday

Apr. 29

Chindo Hicks, Director, Center for Biostatistics and Bioinformatics, University of Mississippi Medical Center
"Bioinformatics Research Projects in the Center for Biostatistics and Bioinformatics"
**2:30 p.m. seminar in Overby Auditorium; sponsored by the Office of Research & Sponsored Programs. Please attend in lieu of our regular Biology seminar!

May 6 open

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