The University of Mississippi
Office of the Chancellor
Standing Committees
Copyright Committee
The University Copyright Committee shall consider and investigate disputes among administrators, faculty, or staff and shall recommend appropriate solutions to the Provost. The Committee's responsibilities shall include, but not be limited to, disputes concerning: 1. whether Substantial Use of University Resources has occurred; 2. ownership of works which may be supervised, supported or externally sponsored works; 3. distribution of royalties, including determination of the amount of reimbursement to the University in cases of Substantial Use. All members of the committee shall serve staggered three-year terms except for the Director of Technology Management. Each member of the committee shall have one vote. The committee shall keep its own records, determine its own procedures and elect its own chair who shall report to the Provost. The Committee may also from time to time review and recommend changes in the Copyright Policy.

The composition of the committee is as follows: