The University of Mississippi
Office of the Chancellor
Standing Committees
Retirement and Insurance
The duties and responsibilities of the Committee on Retirement and Insurance are to review periodically all insurance, retirement, and fringe benefit coverage on members of the faculty and staff; to evaluate the existing programs; and to make recommendations for new or revised programs when needed.

The composition of the committee is as follows: 

  • Mr. Clayton H. Jones
    CHAIR (Non-Voting) : Director of Human Resources,Assistant Vice Chancellor Contractual Serv
    Member since 8/16/2005
  • Mr. Andre P. Liebenberg
    Representative : Holder Chair of Insurance
    Member since 8/15/2011
  • Dr. Hugh J. Sloan
    Faculty : Member
    Member from 8/15/2012 to 8/15/2015
  • Mr. Sam E. Thomas
    Staff : Assistant Vice Chancellor, Financial Operations
    Member since 8/16/2009
  • Mr. James A. Ling
    Representative : Office of Information Technology
    Member since 8/16/2009
  • Slot1 Vacant
    External Person : Faculty Member
    Member from 8/15/2013 to 8/15/2016