The University of Mississippi
Office of the Chancellor
Standing Committees
Sensitivity and Respect
The Committee will serve as an immediate point of contact for any member of our University community who is subjected to actions or words that are in conflict with our EEO anti-discrimination policy. The Committee will be asked to receive and review any such complaints as well as consider proactive measures to encourage community harmony and emphasize the high value we place on respect for the dignity of individuals.

Committee Website

The composition of the committee is as follows: 

  • Dr. Donald R. Cole
    CHAIR : Representative of the Provost & Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
    Member since 8/16/2006
  • Ms. Cynthia L. Joyce
    Faculty : Member
    Member from 8/15/2012 to 8/15/2015
  • Dr. Jeffrey R. Watt
    Faculty : Faculty Member
    Member from 8/15/2013 to 8/15/2016
  • Mr. L L. Tyner
    Staff : Chief of Staff to the Chancellor and General Counsel
    Member since 8/15/2013
  • Dr. Brandi H. Labanc
    Staff : Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
    Member since 8/15/2012
  • Dr. Susan M. Glisson
    Staff : Director of Institute for Racial Reconciliation and Civic Renewal
    Member since 8/16/2005
  • Mr. Thomas E. Eppes
    Staff : Chief Communications Officer
    Member since 4/1/2012
  • Ms. Rebecca B. Bressler
    Representative : Equal Opportunity and Regulatory Compliance
    Member since 9/3/2013
  • Ms. Jacquline A. Vinson
    Representative : Staff Council
    Member since 8/15/2012
  • Ms. Lynnette Y. Johnson
    Representative : Intercollegiate Athletics
    Member since 8/1/2010
  • Ms. Patricia D. Stewart
    Representative : Physical Plant
    Member since 8/16/2007
  • Mr. William Fowler
    Undergraduate : Student Representative
    Member since 1/1/2014
  • Mr. Kevin Cozart
    Graduate : Student Council Representative
    Member since 8/15/2012