Syllabus - Biochemistry I, Chem 471 - Spring 2012

Instructor: Michael Mossing, 452 Coulter, 915-5339, mmossing at olemiss dot edu
Schedule: Tuesday and Thursday, 8 - 9:15, 201 Coulter
Text: Principles of Biochemistry- Lehninger 5th Edition Nelson & Cox, WH Freeman Publishing
ISBN-10: 071677108X  ISBN-13: 978-0716771081
Hard Copies: PDF | RTF
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The course is the first in a two semester Biochemistry series. Students should leave the course with a working understanding of:

Students are expected to read the assigned chapter from Lehninger in advance of the each lecture. We will cover approximately one chapter per week.   Grades will be based on 10 problem sets, two midterm examinations and a cumulative final.  Problem sets will be posted on the web and graded automatically. We will discuss your answers in class.  Final grades will be calculated on the basis of ten 10-point problem sets, two 100-point midterm exams and a 200-point final.  

Scores above 90% are guaranteed A, 80 - 90% B, 70- 80% C, 60 - 70% D. If the class average is less than 80%, the average will determine the B/C boundary, with the A/B cut-off 1 standard deviation higher, the C/D cut-off 1 standard deviation lower, and the D/F boundary 2 standard deviations below the mean.