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John Wiginton

Instructional Assistant Professor and Director of Undergrdauate Laboratories

Contact Information

Office: 223A Coulter Hall
Phone: 662-915-1553
Email: jfwigint AT

Educational and Professional Background

Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry Education, University of Mississippi, 2003
Doctor of Arts in Chemistry, University of Mississippi, 2008

Research Interests:

Research Summary

Research centers around the development of new course methods and materials for general chemistry teaching laboratories. This requires directly managing the logistics of the freshman and sophomore chemistry laboratories (~2500 students/yr), and the direction, training, and supervision of about 25 graduate and undergraduate teaching assistants per year. Maintains an inventory of chemicals, monitors and removes chemical waste from the teaching laboratories, and maintains and services the instruments used in the labs. Active at the national level in the American Chemical Society (Committee on Chemistry and Public Relations) and the National Science Teachers Association (Science Advisory Board and the Committee on College Science Teaching), and at the state level as a member of the Mississippi Science Teachers Association Board of Directors.

Recent Publications

Co-edited custom lab manuals for majors General Chemistry (CHEM 115 and 116), published by Prentice Hall (2004 through present, 4 editions): ISBN: 0-536-82280-8 (Chem 115), ISBN: 0-536-85848-9 (Chem 116)

Custom textbook for CHEM 201 and 202, published by McGraw-Hill (2004), ISBN: 0-390-42596-6