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Nathan Hammer

Associate Professor

Contact Information

Office: 113 Coulter Hall
Phone: 662-915-3989
Email: nhammer AT

Educational and Professional Background

Honors B.S. in Chemistry, University of Tennessee, 1998
Ph.D. Physical Chemistry, University of Tennessee, 2003
Postdoctoral Researcher, Yale University, 2003-2005
Intelligence Community Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Massachusetts, 2005-2007
Assistant Professor, University of Mississippi, 2007-present

Research Interests: Spectroscopy, energy and charge transfer, physical properties and structure of single molecules and small clusters of molecules and ions

National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Award in 2010

Group Webpage

Research Summary

When molecules interact noncovalently through hydrogen bonding or other electrostatic interactions, pi-pi interactions, or Van der Waals forces, their physical properties change. Although intermolecular interactions have received much attention recently at the ensemble level, the study of individual dimers, trimers and larger clusters (as well as binary and higher level interactions with other species) to reveal the intimate interactions leading to the bulk observables remains for the most part elusive. Here, we study the physical properties of interacting molecules in environments ranging from the single molecule to the bulk. Our spectroscopic capabilities include high resolution Raman spectroscopy of bulk materials, the study of size-selected clusters and aggregates in the gas phase using a mass spectrometer, and the use of single molecule techniques such as surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy and other laser-based spectroscopies to study single interacting molecular architectures. Such studies help answer long-standing questions involving the effects of intermolecular interactions on biologically relevant systems and also in developing devices incorporating conjugated organic molecules, to name a few examples. These studies will also allow for the tailoring of new nanoscale building blocks that would have physical properties dependent upon the number of molecules present.

Recent Publications

Only select publications are shown below. For a complete list of the 50+ publications go to and click Publications, or click here for a full cv.

A. M. Wright, A. A. Howard, J. C. Howard, G. S. Tschumper, and N. I. Hammer,
"Charge Transfer and Blue Shifting of Vibrational Frequencies in a Hydrogen Bond Acceptor" Journal of Physical Chemistry A, in press (2013). (cover article)

A. Huckaba, B. Cao, T. K. Hollis, H. Valle, J. Kelly, N. I. Hammer, and A. Oliver,
"Platinum CCC-NHC Benzimidazolyl Pincer Complexes: Synthesis, Characterization, Photostability, and Theoretical Investigation of a Blue-Green Emitter" Dalton Transactions, DOI: 10.1039/C3DT50438G (2013).

H. Rathnayakea, N. Wright, A. Patel, J. Binion, L. E. McNamara, D. J. Scardino, and N. I. Hammer,
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D. J. Scardino, A. A. Howard, M. D. McDowell, and N. I. Hammer,
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A. M. Wright, L. V. Joe, A. A. Howard, G. S. Tschumper, and N. I. Hammer, 
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A. Muraoka, Y. Inokuchi, N. I. Hammer, J-W. Shin, M. A. Johnson, and T. Nagata,
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(Published online November 2, 2006 in Sciencexpress)

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Science, 304, 1137 (2004). 
(Published online April 29th in Sciencexpress)

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(Published online September 16, 2004 in Sciencexpress)