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Welcome to Recreation Administration!

The Recreation Administration Program offers a Bachelor (BAPRM) and a Master of Arts in Recreation Administration (MAPRM) degree.  The undergraduate degree program has been one of 80+ National Recreation and Park Association accredited programs since 2000 and strives to prepare students to become Certified Park and Recreation Professionals and/or Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists.  Park and Recreation degrees offered at the University of Mississippi combine traditional classroom education with experiential and interdisciplinary approaches which prepare students to become leisure and recreation professionals in a variety of recreation, leisure, tourism, and sport settings.  

Welcome pictureStudents that graduate from the University of Mississippi with a degree in Parks and Recreation Management have chosen careers within municipal, outdoor, therapeutic, military, church, youth, older adult, commercial and tourism, and governmental (NPS, USFS, MWF&P, USACE) agencies in Mississippi and throughout the country. For example, graduates are employed by municipal and state park and recreation departments as programmers, managers and directors. Other graduates work as directors of Scout and Church camps throughout the region.  The University of Mississippi's long-time cooperative education program with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has provided exceptional opportunities for students to work their way through college and then become full-time park rangers at waterways, lakes and reservoirs across the nation.  Many students have chosen to pursue careers as therapeutic recreation specialists employed in community and clinical settings that work with physically and mentally impaired clients and other persons with special needs.  Other students have chosen sport-related professions and work as community and campus intramural sports programmers, athletic managers, and within minor league sport franchises. 


We will offer Mississippi's foremost contemporary recreation education focused on service-learning and matriculate students prepared for professional certifications leading to careers that improve the health and quality of life for all people.


The degree programs in Recreation Administration strive to achieve our Vision by providing experiential education reflecting standards of practice in the park, recreation, sport, and related fields that prepare current and future recreation professionals for careers. Central to our mission is maintenance of an accredited (COAPRT) undergraduate curriculum and contemporary education and vocation opportunities that prepare students to become Certified Park and Recreation Professionals (CPRP), Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists (CTRS) and/or Certified Park and Recreation Executives (CPRE). To achieve our mission we believe in dynamic relationships with recreation organizations and agencies committed to improving the health and quality of life of all people.

Rho Phi Lambda

The Ole Miss Recreation Administration degree program has the chapter name Alpha Xi of Rho Phi Lambda. This organization is an honorary professional recreation, park, and leisure service fraternity.

The purpose of this organization is to:

The University of Mississippi received Charter status in 2003.