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Brown Family
Excerpts from the 12th Brown Family Reunion

“Jessie E. Brown, the son of the late Alice Brown and Phillip Dunn was born Sept. 3, 1888, married Timmie Martin, daughter of the late Commodore Martin and Katherine Martin. Both were born in Lafayette County Taylor community. With the permission of parents their marriage vow was pledged to each other before God in 1909. They lived with their parents and worked in the field, attended school and cared for the chickens, cattle and other chores they were assigned to do by their parents. One of their main outings during the weeknight they went to Bible Studies and attended Sunday school on Sundays at North Hopewell B.M. Church. They struggled through renting and sharecropping. During the struggle the family began to increase, with a child being born every other year. One child died at birth but all others lived to maturity. They were named Elmira, Claud, George Pitman, Jessie Ann, George Hoover, Ruthie M. Jones, Katherleen, Tarentha, Earl, Lois and Philip. When the children were old enough they shared with the chores of cooking, churning, feeding hogs mules and horses, and working on the farm.
   In 1927 they purchased the 145 acre farm. In later years, Jessie owned a sorghum mill. He was noted for making sorghum molasses. He sold the molasses to neighbors and others in the Taylor Community and in Oxford to help support the family. Timmy’s sideline was working her garden and tending the orchard;

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The Brown Family, c. 1950. Photographer Unknown

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