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Correthers Family
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Virtue Correthers.
   Will (Bill) Correthers (1881-)  married Stella Williams. To this union nine children were born. Four daughters and five sons.
Sons: C.B., Purven, Willie B., Earl (twin with Earlene), Son who died as a baby.Daughters: Jewel, Magnolia, Josephine, Earlene (twin with Earl).
   Jessie Correthers (1882-1983) married Josie Cohen, June 22, 1909, at the home of George Cohen by Rev. Nash Smith. To this union eight children were born. Sons: Jessie Orr, Jasper Wiggins, David Lamar, Byron Winford, Dewey Norris. Daughters: Virdie Cordelia, Ruby Lee, Abb Lois. Jessie died on Easter Sunday, April 3, 1983. Josie died June 8, 1931, when Ruby Lee was 9 weeks old. Byron died at the age of 19 with polio. Jessie Correthers also married Mattie Marzette, June 19, 1932. To this union no children were born.
   Buford Correthers (1885-) married Susie Dickerson. To this union no children were born. Buford Correthers also married Ida Alexander. To this union five children were born. For boys and one girl; Alvin (Pop Eye), Lee Franklin (Toncil), Andrew (Judge), Edward Jay, Zula (Deceased).

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Mrs. A.C. Carrothers, daughter Rosie and her husband. Circa 1910. Photographer Unknown.

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