"We Cannot Walk Alone:" Images and History of the African-American Community.
Lafayette County, Mississippi. An "Open Doors Exhibition." April through August 2003.






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Fox Family
Author Unknown

“George Washington 'Wash' Fox was born in bondage around 1839 in Virginia. He was sold to a slave trader and brought to Mississippi during the Civil War. When the War was over, his Master read the Emancipation Proclamation to the slaves and Wash Fox was given his 'Freedom Paper' and a pen.

Among the newly freed slaves only one in ten could read and write, and Wash Fox was one of them. He had a thirst for knowledge. No military record was found. He married a full-blooded Chickasaw woman, Matilda, in 1859. During the Reconstruction period 1867-1877 many discouraged planters sold their acreage and moved to town. After ten years of freedom only about five percent of all former slaves in the South acquired farms. Grandpa Wash Fox was one of them. It was under the Homestead Act that Wash Fox Wash Fox acquired 1,280 acres of land in the Harrisonville community, Lafayette County. With no funds available for tools, he made plow-lines from the bark of hickory trees...He died in 1896 and was buried in Clear Creek Cemetery, Burgess Community."

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