"We Cannot Walk Alone:" Images and History of the African-American Community.
Lafayette County, Mississippi. An "Open Doors Exhibition." April through August 2003.






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Martin Family
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"The children were raised on the farm didn't have much, being raised in a shack. Alex and Bertha trained their children to be thankful to the Lord for what they had, little or much. Mother Bertha was a friendly, cheerful person, the memory of her being here will not be forgotten. Both parents were hard workers, trying to break the chain of segregation. The children school years was ranked the best years of their life. All completed high school and most of them completed college: made right choices for their careers: teachers, business, etc.

Father Alex followed in the footsteps of his father and slept with his ancestors June 25, 1967 was buried in Yocona Cemetery N. Hopewell Taylor, MS. Mother Bertha died March 19, 1976 & slept with husband Alex.

Oresta took for a wife Mary Etta Mitchell, daughter of the late Berkley Mitchell and Millia Hewlette Mitchell. Mary Ella has borne him 2 sons, Walter & [Sterlin] & 2 daughters
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