"We Cannot Walk Alone:" Images and History of the African-American Community.
Lafayette County, Mississippi. An "Open Doors Exhibition." April through August 2003.






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Owens Family
Author Unknown

Jim Owens, Tom Owens, and John Owens were born of Indian descendants and lived in a small area located in Taylor, Mississippi, a community a few miles from the town of Oxford, MS.

In the late 1930s, 1940s most of the Owens' families migrated to Chicago, IL, Missouri, Michigan, Tennessee, Kansas, Texas, Louisiana, Ohio, Iowa, New York, and Wisconsin.

The Jim Owens family members were and are religious, most of them became preachers, pastors, evangelists, or missionaries. Also some are artists that include: the gift of singing, musicians, painters, and we have our own judge, the Great Grand-daughter of Jim Owens.

The second annual Jim Owens Family Reunion was celebrated June 14-16, 1996 at John W. Kyle State Park, Oxford, MS. Chairperson Argola Lee (Pie) reared by Grandmother Olevia Penamon, daughter of Jim and Callie Owens."

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