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Stuyvesant Fish, President of the Illinois Central Railroad to University of Mississippi Chancellor R.B. Fulton.

January 13, 1893

Prof. R.B. Fulton,
University of Mississippi, Oxford, Miss.

Dear Sir: --

Judge Hill has sent me your letter of the the 11th. inst. in
which you desire him to obtain from our road passes for Profs.
Leavell, Jones, Whitfield, Johnson, Sims, and Hume.

Last year at Judge Hill's request we did issue to Messrs.
Leavell, Jones, Johnson and Sims passes which were limited in time
for the purpose of traveling around the State in the interest of
the University.

I am bound to say to you frankly that we are not willing
to increase the area of free transportation. Our experience
shows that the tendency, as illustrated in this particular case, is
always to seek to get more, and in selfdefense we are forced to
instead of increasing to endeavor to cut down. We are of
course quite willing to do as much as any other citizen can be
expected to do in the interest of education.

The road pays a large amount in taxation, a portion of
this goes for this purpose, and we are willing to go beyond this
to a reasonable extent in giving some transportation.

R.B.F. No. 2 [Second Page of Letter]

Now, let me know which of the four gentlemen above named
it is most important to get passes for and I shall be glad then to
send them to you, good to the 30th of April.

Yours truly,
Stuyvesant Fish

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