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[JM Johnson] Assistant General Passenger Agent, Illinois Central to University of Mississippi Chancellor Fulton.

Sept. 7th, 1894.

Hon.R.B. Fulton,
Chancellor, Univ. of Miss.,
University P.O., Miss.

Dear Sir:--
Referring to yours of the 3rd instant,
and subsequent advice through Agent, Mitchell, beg to say, I do
not deem it advisable to make an open round-trip rate from the
points mentioned, as it would interfere with our regular business
from the entire distance.

I would propose, however to make a concession of one and one-
third fare, for the round-trip: full fare going and one-third
returning, on the certificate plan. By this arrangement you would
have to advise everyone whom you expect to have in attendance, to
purchase full fare ticket to Oxford, taking receipt of Agt. on a
blank of the Southern Passenger Assn. form, with which Agents are
supplied, which certificates must be endorsed by yourself, or some
one whom you delegate to act instead, and when presented to Agt.
within three days, will be accepted as authority for one-third fee
to return. If this is accepted, please state who will sign the
certificates and I will instruct Agt., Oxford to honor the same.

Yours Truly,
J.M. Johnson


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