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M [Johnson] of the Railway Mail Service, Office of the Superintendent of the Twelfth Division to University of Mississippi Chancellor Powers.

Mail: Miscellaneous


December 4, 1923

Mr. J.M. Powers
University, Mississippi.

My dear Sir:

This office is in receipt of complaint of clerk in train 5,
Fulton & Grenada R.P.O (Ill. Cent. R.R.), October 14, 1923,
showing the receipt of 253 uncanceled letters handled in by the
public at Oxford, Miss., depot.

The matter was investigated and it was found that the bulk
of this mail matter originates with the students at University,
Miss., and is left at the University Cafe for mailing on the
RPO cars by some one connected with the cafe. It is stated that
there is a sign displayed in the cafe inviting the students to
leave their letters at the cafe for mailing on trains. The post-
master at University, Miss. advises that he requested the proprietors
of the University cafe to remove the sign but was refused.

By mailing such large quantities of letters in the postal cars
it is very probable that many of the letters are being delayed due
to improper dispatch; furthermore, the receipt of such a vast amount
of letters to cancel and distribute will at times very likely put upon
the postal clerk more work than he can do and consequently cause him to
carry some of the letters past destinations. The mailing of letters
in the postal cars is a privilege granted for the convenience of traveler
and for the few late letters which can not be deposited in the post
office in time for proper distribution and dispatch.

In view of the circumstances it is suggested that you kindly re-
quest the Postmaster to keep his office at University, Miss., open until
such hour as will accommodate the reasonable requirements of the students
at University, and that he request the restaurant owner to remove the
sign and discontinue encouraging the students to leave their mail with
him instead of depositing it in the post office.

Will you kindly advise action taken for correction, using the
inclosed envelope which requires no postage when used for that purpose.

Respectfully yours,
J.M. Johnson

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