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Finding Aid for the Faulkner Periodicals Collection (MUM00161)

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Finding Aid for the Faulkner Periodicals Collection

Descriptive Summary

Title: Faulkner Periodicals Collection
Dates: 1930-1997
Collector: Wynn, Douglas C. ; Wynn, Leila Clark ; University of Mississippi. Dept. of Archives and Special Collections
Physical Extent: 27 full Hollinger boxes ; 6 half boxes ; 1 oversize box ; 22 cartons (35.85 linear feet)
Repository: University of Mississippi. Department of Archives and Special Collections. University, MS 38677, USA
Identification: MUM00161
Language of Material: English
Abstract: Collection of magazine and newspaper articles written by or concerning William Faulkner and University of Mississippi Yearbooks referencing Faulkner.

Administrative Information

Processing Information

Collections processed by Archives and Special Collections staff. Series III-IV, Periodicals by Faulkner and Periodicals about Faulkner, originally processed by Jill Applebee and Amanda Strickland, August-September 1999. Multiple collections combined into single finding aid and encoded by Jason Kovari, August 2009.


No further additions are expected to this collection.

Subject Terms

Faulkner, William, 1897-1962
University of Mississippi -- Students -- Yearbooks
Oxford eagle
University of Mississippi -- History


magazines (periodicals)
journals (periodicals)
clippings (information artifacts)
school yearbooks

Collection History

The Faulkner Periodicals Collection is an aggregate of six former collections: the Faulkner Yearbooks Collection, Faulkner Student Publications Collection, Faulkner - Oxford Eagle Articles Collection, Faulkner Clippings Collection, Faulkner Periodicals (by Faulkner) Collection and the Faulkner Periodicals (about Faulkner) Collection. In the combination of these collections, the processing has not altered; instead, the original collections have become series within this new collection.

The Faulkner Periodicals (by Faulkner) Collection and the Faulkner Periodicals (about Faulkner) Collection were originally a merging of the Wynn Collection of Faulkner Periodicals and General Faulkner Periodicals, merged and processed in 1999.

Scope and Content Note

Series I, Student Publication, contains copies of The Scream, 1924-1925, for which Faulkner provided illustration as well as a copy of the 1922 UM Yearbook.

Series II, University of Mississippi Yearbooks, includes all UM Yearbooks in which Faulkner appeared or contributed.

Series III, Periodicals by Faulkner, contains copies of periodicals to which Faulkner contributed.

Series IV, Periodicals about Faulkner, contains copies of periodicals in which articles about Faulkner appear.

Series V, Oxford Eagle Articles, includes appearances of articles concerning Faulkner for the local Oxford, MS newspaper.

Series VI, Miscellaneous Clippings, contains an assortment of articles concerning Faulkner.

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Prefered Citation

Faulkner Periodicals Collection, Archives and Special Collections, J.D. Williams Library, The University of Mississippi

Access Restrictions

The Faulkner Periodicals Collection is open for research.

Copyright Restrictions

The copyright law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. Under certain conditions specified in the law, libraries and archives are authorized to furnish a photocopy or other reproduction. One of these specified conditions is that the photocopy or reproduction is not to be "used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship or research." If a user makes a request for, or later uses, a photocopy or reproduction for purposes in excess of "fair use", that user may be liable for copyright infringement.

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Resources at the University of Mississippi

For a description of the William Faulkner archival collections housed at the University of Mississippi, please view our William Faulkner Subject Guide


This collection is arranged alphabetically by publication title and chronological within each title.

Student Publications
University of Mississippi Yearbooks
Periodicals by Faulkner
A-E (except American Mercury and Atlantic Monthly)
American Mercury
Atlantic Monthly
F-L (except Harper's)
S-Z (except Saturday Evening Post and Schribner's)
Saturday Evening Post
Periodicals about Faulkner
'48-Arts & Sciences
Atlanta Journal and Constitution-B
H-L (except Life)
Paris Review-R
S (except Saturday Review of Literature)
Saturday Review of Literature
T-Z (except Time)
Oxford Eagle Articles
Miscellaneous Clippings

Container List

Series I. Faulkner Student Publications
Box 1 Ole Miss Yearbook, 1922
The Scream (vol. 1, no. 5), May 1925
The Scream, 1924-1925 Bound.
Series II. University of Mississippi Yearbooks
Boxes 2-3 1913 (7 copies)
Page 37 Phil Stone senior portrait
Page 144 Photograph of the Outlaws club including Estelle Oldham
Box 4 1916 (3 copies)
Box 5 1917 (3 copies)
Page 163 Illustration for Social Activities Section, man and woman in formal wear dancing
Boxes 6-7 1918 (8 copies)
Page 111 Illustration for Social Activities Section, two men and a women in formal wear in front of checkered background
Page 113 Illustration for Red and Blue Club, man and women in formal wear in front of the words Red and Blue
Boxes 8-9 1919 (8 copies)
Box 10 1920 (2 copies)
Page 29 Illustration for Classes Section, four men standing
Page 105 Illustration for Organizations Section, man and women being blown by wind
Page 107 Photograph of the Ole Miss Staff , Faulkner in lower right corner
Page 145 Illustration for the A.E.F. Club, women and man in uniform, with French joke
Page 146 Photograph of the American Legion
Page 155 Illustration for Social Activities Section, woman and man dancing with guitarist and candelabras in background
Page 157 Illustration for Red and Blue Club, man and woman dancing
Page 174 "To a Co-ed", poem
Boxes 11-12 1921 (8 copies)
Page 127 Illustration for American Legion, three men in uniform with "Fish, Flesh, Fowl" printed underneath
Page 131 Illustration for A.E.F. Club, several men in uniforms, with joke
Page 135 Illustration for Marionettes Club, border around the page
Page 137 Illustration for Red and Blue Club, W.C. Handy jazz performers
Page 214-5 "Nocturne", poem and border around the page
Boxes 13-14 1922 (9 copies)
Page 188 Illustration for the French Club, man and woman on side of a ship, with joke
Boxes 15-16 1923 (7 copies)
Boxes 17-18 1924 (5 copies)
Boxes 19-20 1925 (7 copies)
Boxes 21-22 1926 (6 copies)
Boxes 23-25 1936 (8 copies)
Page 137 Photograph of William Faulkner standing with hat in hand, small image on page filled with photographs
Page 141 Photograph of William Faulkner and several other men standing in front of a plane, small image on page filled with photographs
Boxes 26-27 1950 (5 copies)
Page 176-7 Photo spread for the "Intruder in the Dust" Premiere in Oxford, MS
Series III. Periodicals by Faulkner
Box 28: A-E (except American Mercury and Atlantic Monthly)
1955 - "Karhu" (3 p.1-34, 41)
Note: See also Faulkner Periodicals (about Faulkner) Collection Box 1
22 June 1940 - "A Point of Law" (p.20-21, 30-32) (2 copies)
25 January 1941 - "Go Down, Moses" (p.19-20, 45-46) (3 copies)
Contempo: A Review of Books and Personalities
1 February 1932
"I Will Not Weep for Youth" (p.1)
"Knew I Love Once" (p.1)
"Twilight" (p.1)
"Once Aboard the Lugger" (p.1 & 4)
"Visions in Spring" (p.1)
"Spring" (p.2)
"April" (p.2)
"To a Virgin" (p.2)
"Winter Is Gone" (p.2)
"My Epitaph" (p.2)
[Also includes a review of These Thirteen (p.3) & various ads for Faulkner books (p.3 & 4)]
The Delta Review
July-August 1965 - "The Rights of Man" (p.40-42) (7 copies)
Note: See also Faulkner Periodicals (about Faulkner) Collection Box 2
The Dude: The Magazine Devoted to Pleasure
March 1957 - "Carcassonne" (p.6+)
September 1956 - "If I Were a Negro"
Note: p.70-72; rest of the article is torn out
Ellery Queens Mystery Magazine
June 1946 - An Error in Chemistry" (p.5-19)
October 1947 - "Smoke" (p.50-71)
October 1954 - "Mississippi" (p.3-16)
December 1958 - "Barn Burning" (p.30-31, 66-73)
December 1958
"Impressions of Japan" (p.140)
"Their Questions and His Answers" (p.139, 141-142)
December 1959 - "Mink Snopes" (p.226-264) (2 copies ; one is a partial copy)
May 1962 - "The Education of Lucius Priest" (p.109-116) (4 copies)
October 1973 - "Impressions of Japan" (p.269-)
September 1979 - "With Caution and Dispatch" (p.50-61) (2 copies)
Essays Today
1956 - "Kentucky. May: Saturday" (p.41-45)
Box 29: American Mercury
July 1930 - "Honor" (268-274) (3 copies)
March 1931 - "That Evening Sun Go Down" (257-267) (5 copies)
May 1931 - "Hair" (53-61) (5 copies)
February 1932 - "Centaur in Brass" (200-210) (4 copies)
February 1934 - "Pennsylvania Station" (166-174) (3 copies)
May 1935 - "Golden Land" (1-14) (4 copies)
July 1935 - "That Will Be Fine" (264-276) (3 copies)
October 1935 - "Uncle Willy" (156-168) (4 copies)
November 1935 - "Folklore of the Air" by William Faulkner (370-372) (3 copies)
August 1936 - "Absalom, Absalom" (466-474) (2 copies)
Box 30: Atlantic Monthly
November 1940 - "Gold Is Not Always" (p.563-570) (2 copies)
June 1953 - "Sherwood Anderson. An Appreciation" (p.27-29) (8 copies)
August 1953 - "Faith or Fear" (2 copies)
November 1979 - "Evangeline" (p.67-80)
Box 31: F-L (except Harper's)
Figaro Litteraire
19-25 August 1968 - "Le Mississippi", photos by Henri Cartier-Bresson (p.5-7)
Note: See also Faulkner Periodicals (about Faulkner) Collection Box 3
Juin-Juillet 1943 - "L'Apres-Midi D'une Vache" by Ernest V. Trueblood (William Faulkner)
Ford Times
March 1955 - "A Guest's Impression of New England" (p.2-4) (5 copies)
Forum: The Magazine of Controversy
April 1930 - "A Rose for Emily" (p.233-238) (2 copies)
Vol. I, No 2, 1963 - "The Kid Learns" (p.45-49)
The Gent
June 1957 - "Divorce in Naples" (p.6+)
Golden Book
March 1932 - "A Rose for Emily" (p.223+)
April 1935 - "Smoke" (p.304-321)
Harper's Bazaar
December 1954 - "Sepulture South. Gaslight" (p.84, 140-141) (2 copies)
November 1958 - "Honor" (p.20-23 & 63-64)
April 1954 - "Mississippi" by William Faulkner, with introduction by Malcolm Cowley (p.33-46) (14 copies)
November 14, 1955 - Excerpt from "The Bear" (p.194)
March 5, 1956 - "A Letter to the North" (p.51-51) (2 copies)
March 26, 1956 - "Letter to the Editor" (On A Letter to the North, 19)
Literary Calvacade
November 1979 - "The Hound"
Box 32: Harper's
August 1931 - "The Hound" (p.266-274)
September 1931 - "Fox Hunt" (p.392-402)
November 1931 - "Doctor Martino" (p.733-743)
April 1932 - "Smoke" (p.562-578)
September 1933 - "Beyond" (p.394-403)
February 1934 - "Wash" (p.258-266) (2 copies)
December 1935 - "Lion" (p.67-77)
June 1939 - "Barn Burning" (p.86-96) (2 copies)
September 1940 - "The Old People" (p.418-425) (3 copies)
October 1940 - "Pantaloon in Black" (p.503-513) (2 copies)
October 1950 (Centennial Issue) - "A Name for the City" (p.200-214) (2 copies)
July 1955 - "On Privacy" (p.33-38) (5 copies)
June 1956 - "On Fear: The South in Labor" (p.29-34)
Box 33: M-R
October 1955 - "By the People" (p.86-89, 130-139) (2 copies)
Magazine Digest
January 1953 - "His Name Was Pete" (p.93-94)
Mississippi Library News
September 1962 (2 copies)
From speech given at daughter's high school graduation (p.97)
Nobel Prize acceptance speech (p.98)
Note: See also Faulkner Periodicals (about Faulkner) Collection Box 5a
Mississippi Magazine
Winter 1962 - "Landing in Luck" (4-6)
Summer 1967 - "Faulkner on Integration" (16-17)
Mississippi Quarterly
Note: See also Faulkner Periodicals (about Faulkner) Collection Box 5a
Summer 1973, Special Issue on Faulkner (2 copies)
"And Now What's To Do" (399-402)
"Nympholepsy" (p.403-409)
"An Introduction to The Sound and the Fury" (p.410-415)
"A Note on A Fable" (p.416-17)
Summer 1979, Special Issue on William Faulkner
"Pierrot and the Marble Faun: Another Fragment" by William Faulkner, ed. Judith L. Sensibar (p.473-476)
"Light in August: A Manuscript Fragment" by William Faulkner, ed. Deborah Thompson (p.477-480)
"An Unpublished Episode from A Mountain Victory" by William Faulkner (p.48 1-484)
"Don Giovanni" by William Faulkner (p.484-495)
Missouri Review
1988 - "Love" by William Faulkner (p.123-150)
July 1955 - "Mississippi: Em Panorama" (p.302-318)
The New Republic
6 August 1919 - "L-Apres-Midi d'un Faune" (p.24)
20 May 1931 - "Beyond the Talking" (p.23-4)
12 April 1933 - "Four Poems" (The Race's Splendor, Night Piece, Gray the Day, and Over the World's Rim) (p.256)
19 April 1933 - "Poem, The Ship of Night" (p.272)
3 May 1933 - "Poem, Man Comes, Man Goes" (p.338)
New Yorker
25 November 1950 - "Notes and Comment" (Faulkner's note to voters of Oxford re: beer in Oxford) (p.29) (2 copies)
Nouvelle Revue Francaise
1 January 1932 - "Septembre ardent" (Dry September) (p.49-65)
1 December 1959 - "Eula" (1935+)
April 1951 - "I Decline to Accept the End of Man" (p.79)
The Paris Review
1981, 25th Anniversary Double Issue - "The Werewolf" (p.200-210)
Partisan Review
September-October 1951 - "The Jail" (p.496-515) (4 copies)
Au Pays de Faulkner
Note: See also Faulkner Periodicals (about Faulkner) Collection Box 5b
1 August 1970, no. 296 - "L 'Apres-Midi D 'Une Vache" by Ernest V. Trueblood and William Faulkner (p.34-39)
Perspectives USA
Autumn 1954 - "Notes on a Horse Thief" (p.24-59)
Princeton University Library Chronicle
Spring 1957 (volume on Faulkner) - "Sherwood Anderson" (p.89-94) (3 copies)
Note: See also Faulkner Periodicals (about Faulkner) Collection Box 5b
Reader's Digest
May 1956 - "A Letter to the North" (p.75-78)
The Reporter
19 April 1956 - "Letter to the Editor" (p.7)
Box 34: S-Z (except Saturday Evening Post and Scribner's)
Sewanee Review
Autumn 1948 - "A Courtship" (p.634-653) (3 copies)
Sports Illustrated
24 January 1955, Wynn - "An Innocent at Rinkside" (p.15) (4 copies)
16 May 1955, Wynn - "Kentucky: May: Saturday" (p.22-26) (3 copies)
August 1933 - "Artist at Home" (p.27-41)
February 1934 - "Elly" (p.3-15) (2 copies)
November 1934 - "Lo!" (p.5-21) (2 copies)
March-April 1942 - "My Grandmother Millard" (p.68-86)
May-June 1942 - "Delta Autumn" (p.46-55) (3 copies)
July-August 1943 - "Shall Not Perish" (p.40-47) (2 copies)
Temps Modernes
January 1951 - "Palmiers sauvages" (1153-1192)
13 November 1950 - "Letter to the Editor" (On Hemingway, p.6)
10 December 1956 - "Letter to the Editor" (On Suez Canal, p.6-7)
Transatlantic Review
Spring 1961 - "Albert Camus" (5)
The University of Virginia Magazine
Spring 1958 - "A Word to Virginias" (p.11-14)
July 1954 - "Notes on a Horsethief" (p.46-51, 101-107) (2 copies)
Box 35: Saturday Evening Post
6 September 1930 - "Thrift" (p.16-)
25 October 1930 - "Red Leaves" (p.6-7, 54-64)
27 February 1932 - "Lizards in Jamshyd's Courtyard" (p.12-13, 52, 57)
5 March 1932 - "Turn About" (p.6-7, 75-76, 81-83)
3 December 1932 - "A Mountain Victory" (p.6-7, 39, 42-46) (2 copies ; 1 copy Wynn)
10 February 1934 - "A Bear Hunt" (p.8-9, 74-76)
29 September 1934 - "Ambuscade" (p.12-13, 80-81) (2 copies)
13 October 1934 - "Retreat" (p.16-17, 82-89)
3 November 1934 (no cover)
"Tomorrow" (part of story torn out, pages 17-20 missing)
"Raid" (page excerpt p.18)
14 November 1936 - "The Unvanquished" (p.12-13, 121-130) (3 copies ; 1 copy Wynn, story torn out of one)
5 December 1936 - "Vendee" (p.16-17, 86-94)
4 November 1939 - "Hand Upon the Waters" (p.14-15, 75-79)
23 November 1940 - "Tomorrow" (p.22-23, 32-39) (2 copies)
31 May 1941 - "The Tall Men" (p.14-15, 95-99) (2 copies)
28 March 1942 - "Two Soldiers" (p.9-11, 35-45) (2 copies)
9 May 1942 - "The Bear" (p.30-31, 74, 76-77)
13 February 1943 - "Shingles for the Lord" (p.14-15, 68-71) (3 copies)
5 March 1955 - "The Race at Morning" (p.26, 103-106)
4 May 1957 - "The Waifs" (p.26-27, 116-120) (3 copies)
31 March 1962 - "The Hell Creek Crossing" (p.22-25) (2 copies)
9 October 1965 - "Mr. Acarius" (p.26-31) (4 copies)
8 April 1967 - "The Wishing Tree" (p.48-63) (5 copies)
July-August 1976 - "The Bear" (p.76-77, 86-89)
November 1988 - "Race at Morning" (p.60-65, 75, 79-80)
April 1997 - "The Bear"(p.60-68)
Box 36: Scribner's
January 1931 - "Dry September" (p.49-56) (2 copies)
June 1931 - "Spotted Horses" (p.585-597) (2 copies ; plus first page of third copy)
January 1932 - "Death-Drag" (p.34-42) (3 copies)
January 1933 - "There was a Queen" (p.10-16) (2 copies)
August 1934 - "Mule in the Yard" (p.65-70) (3 copies)
April 1935 - "Skirmish at Sartoris" (p.193-200) (4 copies)
January 1936 - "The Brooch" (p.7-12) (3 copies)
August 1936 - "Fool About a Horse" (p.80-86) (3 copies)
May 1937 - "Monk" (p.16-24)
Series IV. Periodicals about Faulkner
Box 37: '48-Arts & Sciences
'48--The Magazine of the Year
May 1948 (pp. 83-94)
The Private World of William Faulkner by Roark Bradford
The Faulkner Country by Bradley Smith
Autumn 1948 (pp. 17-30) - Ritual and Humor in the Writing of William Faulkner by John Arthos
Note: For physical location see Faulkner Periodicals (By Faulkner) Collection Box 1
1955 (p. 30) - William Faulknerin: Asema Kirjallisuudessa by Philip Durham
August-September 1992 (pp.38, 63-65) - Faulkner in Charlottesville by Elizabeth Langhorne
21 August 1954 (p.502) - William Faulkner's A Fable by HCG
9 October 1954 (pp.44-46) - A Rereading of Faulkner 's Fable by J. Robert Barth
21 February 1959 (p.614) - Requiem for a Nun (movie review) by Theophilus Lewis
29 March 1958 (p.742) - Mississippi Musings from Current Comment
27 February 1960 (pp.638-640) - Faulkner and the Snopes Trilogy by J. Robert Barth
American Book Collector
July/August 1981 (pp.13-14) - A William Faulkner "Machine" Signature by Joan St. C. Crane
American Book Collector (pp.3-11) - Twenty-five Years as a Faulkner Collector by Louis Daniel Brodsky
September/October 1983 (pp.11-22) - Faulkner's The Marble Faun Redivivus by Joan St. C. Crane
American Literature:
January 1958 (pp.440-456) - "Each in Its Ordered Place": Structure and Narrative in "Benjy's Section" of The Sound and the Fury by George R. Stewart and Joseph M. Backus
American Mercury
June 1940 (pp.243-246) - Faulkner 's New York Critics by Burton Rascoe
December 1951 (pp.106-112) - Faulkner 's Folly by Herbert Poster
American Scholar
Autumn 1962 (pp.91-46) - With Faulkner in Japan by Gay Wilson Aleen (2 copies)
American Way
Vol. 13 No. 3, 1980 (pp.68-74) - Yoknapatawpha High by Lawrence Wells
1 August 1990 (pp.55-64) - "Faux Faulkner"
1 August 1991 (pp.47-54, 76-80) - Faux Faulkner: In Search of the Best Bad Faulkner in the Land
1 August 1992 (pp.54-66, 100-108) - Faukner, Hemingway: War of the Words (3 copies)
1 August 1993(pp.49-60, 96-98) - A Battle of Whits (Faux Faulkner Contest) (3 copies)
January 1955 (pp.40-41) - The Brush of Faulkner by Jose Antonio Portuondo
Antioch Review
Winter 1948-49 (p.512) - Review of Intruder in the Dust by Lois Filler
Arizona Quarterly
Spring 1960 - Issue devoted to "Essays on Faulkner"
Arlington Quarterly
Winter 1969-1970 - Faulkner 's Elegy: An Approach to 'The Bear" by Elmo Howell
Arts and Decoration
April 1931 - Among the New Books by Burton Rascoe
Arts and Sciences
Winter 1963-1964 (pp.1-5) - The Death of the Old Men by Leslie A. Fiedler
Box 38: Atlanta Journal and Constitution-B
Atlanta Journal and Constitution
8 March 1964 (pp.10-12) - Antebellum home remains a shrine to the Mississippi author by Clayton Braddock
11 January 1976 (pp.10, other pages missing) - A New Book by William Faulkner by Lucy Justus
November 1939 (pp.650-654) - William Faulkner by Conrad Aiken (3 copies)
October 1951 (pp.53-56) - William Faulkner by Harvey Breit (2 copies)
June 1966 (pp.97-115) - The Solitude of William Faulkner by Malcolm Cow1ey (2 copies)
May 1980 (pp.58-65) - Twenty Will Not Come Again by Joan Williams
28 August 1966 - [Cover picture of Faulkner]
February 1972 - Modern American First Editions Cautionary Notes for Prospective Collectors by Paul Jordan-Smith
Babelia (El Pais)
September 1997 - Special Issue on Faulkner
Ball State University Forum
Winter 1967
The Freedom in Go Down, Moses: Historical Fact and Imaginative Failure by Walter Taylor (pp.3-7)
Faulkner's Wash Jones and the Southern Poor White by Elmo Howell (pp.8-11)
Faulkner's Woman: "Demon-Nun and Angel-- Witch" by Naomi Jackson (pp.12-20)
Booklover's Answer
March-April 1964 (pp.24-27, 30) - The Author--William Faulkner by Esther M. Swift
Books and Bookmen
September 1962 (pp. 16 +)
Faulkner: Assessment by Ophelia Bates
Interview by Nihls Dahlgren
Books from Virginia
1967 - Review of William Faulkner, Man Working; 1919-1962 A catalogue of the William Faulkner Collections at the University of Virginia (p.21)
1968 - Review of William Faulkner, Man Working; 1919-1962 A catalogue of the William Faulkner Collections at the University of Virginia (p.3) (3 copies)
December 1931 (pp.411-417) - Faulkner of Mississippi by Marshall J. Smith (2 copies)
September 1931 (pp.17-24) - The Past and Future of William Faulkner by Granville Hicks (2 copies)
Christmas 1932 (pp.775-790) - A Christmas Portjblio ofLiterary Portraits (2 copies)
Bulletin of Bibliography
April- June 1973 (pp.90-92) - Faulkner and his Bibliographers by O.B. Emerson
Bulletin of the Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association
March 1970 (pp.3-13) - Emily's Rose of Love by Helen E. Nebeker (2 copies)
December 1970 (pp.155-161) - The Pattern of Thought in "Light in August" by Robert Rawdon Wilson
Box 39: C-D
May 1965 - My Friend William Faulkner: Part II by Stephen Longstreet (pp. 50+)
The Cate Review
June 1962 (pp.3-6, 18-19) - William Faulkner: An Interview
The CEA Critic
June 1966
Faulkner's "That Evening Sun" by Mel E. Bradford (pp. 1, 3)
Faulkner: A Rejoinder by Patrick G. Hogan (p.3)
Faulkner's Ethical Point of View by Thomas R. Gorman (pp.4-6)
The Changing Middle South
Fall-Winter 1965-1966 (pp.13-15) - William Faulkner of Oxford by James A. Webb and A. Wigfall Green
Winter 1966-1967 (p.12) - With the Greatest Honor by the editors
Chiba Review
1983 - Time and Freedom -- A Reconsideration of Go Down, Moses by Kiyoyuki Ono
1995 - "The Good Splendid Things Which Change Must Destroy": An Interpretation of 'A Rose for Emily' by Kiyoyuki Ono
The Christian Century
10 January 1951 (p.41) - 'In the Name ofAllah, Figs!' by Simeon Sty lites (letter to editor)
24 January 1951 (p.114) - In Defense of Faulkner by Maynard Kniskern (response to letter to editor)
The Chronicles of Oklahoma
Autumn 1967 (pp.252-258) - President Jackson and William Faulkner's Choctaws by Elino Howell
Civilization 21 (Association for International Communication, Aichi University, Japan)
March 2000 (pp.105-113) - Differences between Japan and the United States: Interpreting Faulkner's Statement on Time by Ryuichi Yamaguchi
College English
December 1962
Faulkner's Point of View by Thomas J. Wertenbaker, Jr. (pp.169-178)
A Footnote to Faulkner's The Bear by H.H. Bell, Jr. (pp.179-183)
Reverend Hightower and the Uses of Southern Adversity by Elmo Howell (pp.183-187)
Faulkner's One-Sided "Dialogue" with Hemingway by William Van O'Connor (pp.208-215)
Fat and Fancy in 'Absolom, Absolom!" by John Hagan (pp.215-218)
Dust and Dreams. A Study of Faulkner's "Dry September" by Arthur L. Ford (pp.219-220)
College Literature
1988, vol. XV, no. 3 - The Space Makers: Passive Power in Faulkner's Novels by Marilyn R. Chandler
6 March 1943 (pp.60, 65-68) - Treasure Trail by John Faulkner
Winter 1970-1971 (pp.31-37) - Faulkner and His Friend: An Interview with Emily W. Stone by O.B. Emerson
August 1951 (pp.176-180) - The Nobel Prize Comes to Mississippi by Sidney Alexander
October 1951 (pp.359-368) - William Faulkner and the Negroes by Irving Howe
September 1954 (pp.227-232) - William Faulkner and the Problem of War by Norman Podhoretz
15 December 1950 (pp.255-258) - An Eloquent Man by Francis Downing
28 September 1951 (p.601) - The Future That Is Already Here by William Pfaff
6 August 1954 (pp.443-444) - A Search for Universality that Lead Too Far from Home by Vivian Mercier
27 August 1954 (p.514) - Faulkner (letter to editor) by Ernest F. Roberts
21 June 1957 (pp.306-7) - Uneven Addition to a Magnificent Whole by Michael Harrington
25 October 1957 (p.86) - Artists and Thinkers by eds.
Cross and Cockade Journal
Summer 1968 (pp.159-162) - William Faulkner: Author-Aviator by William E. Stone (with note by Stone)
Current Biography
January 1951 (pp.22-24) - William Faulkner by the eds. (3 copies)
Cycnos: Publie par le Departement d'Etudes Anglophones de la Faculte des Lettres de Nice
1984, no.1 - Jefferson et Memphis dans l'univers de Faulkner by Michel Bandry.
November 1976, no. 3 [entire issue devoted to Faulkner].
The Delta Review
Note: For physical location see Faulkner Periodicals (by Faulkner) Collection Box 3
July-August 1965 (7 copies)
A Kind of Greatness by Jane Sanderson (pp.15-17)
Faulkner 'Discovered" by Robert Allen Carpenter (pp.27-29)
Faulkner and Camus by J. Giorgini (pp.31, 74-79)
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Anecdote: The Faithful Smith by Edwin Howard (p.35)
Foot-note on Faulkner by Edwin Howard (pp.37, 80)
The Bill Faulkner I Knew by Lucy Somerville Howorth (pp.38-9, 73)
The Lady of the Dakota by Jack Ryan (pp.44-45, 71)
The Spark and the Flame by Leon Z. Koury (pp.46-7)
Truth and the Poet by Kenneth R. Tolliver (48,67-69)
December 1968
Oxford by Henry B. Gotten (pp.14-16)
The Reivers on Location by Mary Jayne Whittington (pp.20-23)
May 1969 (pp.46-49)
Faulkner in New Orleans by Don Lee Keith
Fall 1970 (2 copies, pp.12-14)
The Picture of John and Brother Will by Jim Faulkner
April 1971
Ploddin' Home by John Faulkner (p.7)
Across the Creek by James Faulkner (pp.25, 36)
Dixie (Sunday Magazine of the New Orleans Times-Picayune)
13 December 1953 (pp.26-29) - Wm. Faulkner's Chartres st. by Harold Rubin (3 copies)
21 October 1979 (pp.20-24) - By William Faulkner in Love by Elsie Martinez
4 October 1981 - Faulkner Pilgrims in Oxford by Elizabeth Mullener
Down South on the Beautiful Gulf Coast
September/October 1962 (pp. 7, 16, 26) - Mississippi's William Faulkner by Ray M. Thompson
April 1961 - Faulkner on cover
Box 40: E-G
July 1963 (pp.36, 38) - Faulkner Without Fanfare by Robeit N. Linscott (2 copies)
December 1967 (pp.173-175) - How Faulkner Went His Way and I Went Mine by Hilda Nauman
September 1979 (cover, pp.50-61) - With Caution and Dispatch: Fiction by William Faulkner by Rust Hills
Exchange, International Educational and Cultural
Summer 1966 (pp.1-26) - William Faulkner, Roving Ambassador by Joseph Blotner
Faulkner Studies
Fall 1952
A Short View of Faulkner's Sanctuary by William Van O'Connor (pp.33-39)
Collecting Faulkner Today by H. Richard Archer (pp.42-43)
Harvard Advocates... by A.M.I. Fiskin (pp.44-46)
Winter 1952
Genealogy as Symbol in Go Down, Moses by Walton Litz (pp.49-53)
Technical Aspects of William Faulkner's "That Evening Sun" by Evans
B. Harrington (pp.54-60)
Summer-Autumn 1954
Figaro Litteraire
Note: For physical location see Faulkner Periodicals (by Faulkner) Collection Box 3)
18-24 September 1967 (pp.24-25) - Les romans etrangers by Michel Mohrt
19-25 August 1968 (p.4) - William Faulkner: L'etrange seigneur de Yoknapatawpha by Claude Jannoud
Film Quarterly
Summer 1977 (pp. 12-21) - A Faulkner Filmography by Bruce F. Kawin (2 copies)
Note: For physical location see Faulkner Periodicals (by Faulkner) Collection Box 3
Winter 1954 (pp.59-60) - Faulkner and the Wages of Optimism by Jules Chametzky
Ford Times
April 1975 (pp.2-7) - Searching for Faulkner in Oxford by Joseph Blotner (2 copies)
Summer 1947 (3 copies)
Afternoon of a Cow by Ernest V. Trueblood (pp.5-17)
Notes on Mr. Faulkner by R.W. (pp.18-25)
Fall 1951 (pp.63-65) (2 copies)
Little Red Riding Hood in Yoknapatawpha County by C.G. Lumbard Winter 1952 (2 copies)
Winter 1952 (2 copies)
Requiem for Five Runs (or Temple Drake at Coogan's Bluff by Frederick L. Gwynn (pp.51-58)
Book review - Requiem for a Nun and William Faulkner: Two Decades of Criticism by H.M. English, Jr. (pp.60-63)
The Furman Magazine
Winter 1969 - Pilgrimage to Yoknapatawpha by Willard Pete
January 1983 (pp.40-52, 112-115) - Faulkner's Gift by Larry Levinger and Tomas Sennett (3 copies)
Georgia Review
Fall 1952 (pp.358-9) - Book review of Requiem for a Nun by Robert H. West
Winter 1956 (pp.421-438) - William C. Falkner, Man of Legends by Maud Morrow Brown
Spring 1967 (pp.57-64) - Faulkner's Lena Grove by Robeit W. Kirk
Winter 1965 (pp.446-452) - Faulkner's Anse Bundren by Robert W. Kirk
Fall 1967
Sutpen 's Garden by H.R. Weatherby (pp.354-369)
William Faulkner and the Mississippi Indians by Elmo Howell (pp.386-396)
The Griffin
May 1961 (pp.3-7) - Big Chips off the Big Block by Alfred Kazin
The Golden Key
1962 (3 copies)
William Faulkner (author unlisted) (pp.2-7)
Rowan Oak (author unlisted) (pp.8-9)
Faulkner's Legacy: 'Honor, Pity, Pride' from Life editorial, 20 July 1962 (pp.10-11)
January 1969 - Remembering William Faulkner by Anthony West
Box 41: H-L (except Life)
September 1954 - Sound and Fury by Gi1bert Highet (pp.98, 100-105) (2 copies)
November 1965 - How a Write Finds His Material by Emily Whitehurst Stone (p.157) (3 copies)
Harper's Bazaar
November 1947 - A visit to William Faulkner in Mississippi by Jahn Malcolm
Hemispheres Magazine (United Airlines)
July 2002 - The Hound and the Fury (p. 42) [Faux Faulkner contest]
March 1969 (pp.60-61, 74-76) - Requiem for Faulkner's Home Town by Larry L. King
April 1963 (pp.6-7) - Lo Que Se Desconocia de William Faulkner by Aurelio Pego
Hollands Maandblad
1986 - Depuritense romaniiek van William Faulkner by Marcel Kurpershoek
House and Garden
June 1957 (pp.16-17) - Come, Come, William Faulkner by J.H.D. (book review)
Hudson Review
Summer 1948 (2 copies, pp.222-231) - Notes on Faulkner and Flaubert by Caroline Gordon (2 copies)
Human Relations, Journal of
Fourth Quarter 1966 (pp.507-517) - The Southern White-Negro Problem through the Lens of Faulkner's Fiction by Ward L. Miner
Imagen (Venezuela)
October 1987 (pp.16-17) - Sisifo en la URSS by A.E.R. (2 copies)
Indian Journal of American Studies
January 1977 (pp.79-93) - William Faulkner's South and the Other South, by P.P. Sharma
Jackson Magazine
May 1978 (pp. 10-12) - Memories of Faulkner: Lee Duddleston Remembers by Mary Leigh Furrh
Kansas Magazine
1965 (pp.77-81) - In Ole Mississippi: Faulkner's Reminiscence by Elmo Howell
Kentucky Folklore Record
April-June 1967 - William Faulkner's Christmas Gift by Elmo Howell (pp.37-40)
The Kenyon Review
Summer 1939 (pp.285-299) - Faulkner 's Mythology by George Marion O'Donnell (2 copies)
Autumn 1951 (pp.641-660) - The Hero in the New World: William Faulkner's "The Bear"" by R.W.B. Lewis
Autumn 1954 (pp.661-670) - Faulkner's Crucifixion by Philip Blair Rice
La Table Ronde
Janvier 1957 - L'art du roman: Dialogue de William Faulkner avec Cynthia Grenier (pp. 36-46).
Ladies Home Journal
June 1981 - William Faulkner's Judith recounted by Dean Faulkner Wells
London Mercury
March 1937 - The Furies in Mississippi by Graham Greene (pp. 517-518)
Louisiana Studies
Winter 1965 - "Spotted Horses" and the Short Cut to Paradise: A Note on the Endurance Theme in Faulkner by M.E. Bradford (pp.324-331)
Box 42: Life
12 December 1949 (pp.149-153) - Intruder in the Dust (4 copies)
28 September 1953 (pp.118-120, 122 130, 133-136) - The Private World of Willliam Faulkner Part I by Robert Coughlan (8 copies)
5 October 1953 (pp. 55-68) - The Man Behind the Faulkner Myth by Robert Coughlan (11 copies)
9 August 1954 (pp.77-78) - Faulkner Wall Plot by unlisted author
July 1961 (pp.11-12) - Visit to Two-Finger Typist by Elliot Chaze (3 copies)
20 July 1962 (5 copies)
Faulkner's Legacy: 'Honor, Pity, Pride', an editorial (p.4)
William Faulkner by unlisted author (including As He Lay Dead, a Bitter Grief by William Styron (pp.39-42)) (36A-42)
2 August 1963 (pp.46B-53) - Faulkner Country by unlisted author, photos by Martin Dam (46B-53); there is also a torn out article (46B-53)
Box 43: M
Madison College Studies and Research
March 1973 (pp. 74-9) - Silence and Sound in As I Lay Dying by Ida S. Wood
Magazine of Art
March 1952 (pp. 99-103) - The Violent Land: Some Observations on the Faulkner Country by Wright Morris
Magazine Litteraire
December 1989
William Faulkner by unlisted author (p. 16)
Presentation by Jean-Jacques Brochier (p. 17)
Chronologie by Michel Gresset (pp. 18-28)
Faulkner par lui-meme, propos recueillis by Loic Bouvard (pp. 29-30)
Yoknapatawpha: saga d'un comte apocyphe by Jacqnes Pothier (pp. 30-34)
La guerre, la machine et l?humanisme by Michel Gresset (pp. 34-37)
Sanctuaire: un vrai roman noir by Jean-Baptiste Baronian (pp. 37-39)
Les derniers romans by Andre Bleikasten (pp. 39-42)
Un humour meconnu by Annick Chap delaine (pp. 42-44)
Sartre lecteur de Faulkner by Jean-Franxis Louette (pp. 44-46)
De Gaulle, Faulkner_un rendez-vous man que by Robert Louit (pp. 46-49)
Billet Howard font du cinema by Robert Louit (pp. 49-51)
Bibliographie by Andre Bleikasten (pp. 51-52)
August 1962 (cover & pp. 3-6) - "In the Mainstream -- 'William Faulkner'" by Sidney Finkelstein
October 1956 (pp. 21-25) - "Miss Maud" by Margaret Silver (3 copies)
McCosh's Book Store
Catalogue of books by and about William Faulkner, Undated
April 1992 (cover pp. & 34-46, 64-65) - William Faulkner's Oxford by Gary Moore
September 1993 (pp. 36-40, 85-95, 115-6) - William Faulkner: Dealing with His Demons by Lisa C. Hickman
September 1962 (pp. 897-899) - Zum Tode William Faulkners by Gunther Busch
May 1966 (2 copies)
Crevasse by William Faulkner (German translation) (pp. 445-453)
Faulkner und die Kurzgeschichte by Gunter Blocker (pp. 483-486
Michigan Quarterly Review
Summer 1985 (pp. 461-476) - Faulkner in the Soviet Union by Joseph Blotner
Mid-South: The Commercial Appeal Magazine
April 4, 1965 (pp. 6-7, 16-17) - Yoknapatawpha County Today by Thomas Michael, pictures by Charles Nicholas (8 copies)
December 22, 1968 (pp. 4-6) - Another Time, Another Place by William Thomas
April 16, 1972 (pp. 8) - Wanted: A Barn by William Thomas
Midwest Quarterly
Summer 1964 (pp. 323-332) - William Faulkner and the New Deal by Elmo Howell
Mississippi Library News
September 1962
William Faulkner Wrote of the Heart in Conflict with Itself by C. Hugh Holman (p. 99) (2 copies)
William Faulkner--Paradoxes or Contrasts? by Paul Flowers[?] (pp. 100-103)
For physical location see Faulkner Periodicals (by Faulkner) Collection Box 5
Note: For physical location see Faulkner Periodicals (by Faulkner) Collection Box 5
June 1965
Literary Festival Honors William Faulkner by unlisted author (p. 96)
Welty Delivers Key Tribute to Faulkner by Frank Hains (pp. 97-8)
Mississippi Magazine
Winter 1961 (p. 16) - Tall Tales by John Cullen
Spring 1962 (pp.12-13) - Spring Workout by Ed Meek (6 copies)
Winter 1964 (pp. 15-17) - Frenchman Views: Faulkner Country by Bettye Simmons
Winter 1972
Faulkner's stepson
Pappy's Honeymoon by Ellis Byers (pp. 5-6)
Papp/s Colored Family by Malcolm A. Franklin (p. 7)
Days and Nights in the Big Woods by Malcolm A. Franklin (p. 8)
Mississippi Quarterly: The Journal of Southern Culture Summer
Summer 1962 - William Faulkner: August Light by George Knox (p. 138)
Summer 1973, Special Issue, William Faulkner (2 copies)
William Faulkner's Marionettes by Noel Polk (pp. 247-280)
The Elmer Papers: Faulkner 's Comic Portraits of the Artist by Thomas L. McHaney (pp. 281-311)
An Unpublished Faulkner Short Story: "The Big Shot" by Beatrice Lang (pp. 312- 324)
An Unpublished Faulkner Short Story: "Snow" by Frank Cantrell (pp. 325-332)
A Census of Manuscripts and Typescripts of William Faulkner's Poetry by Keen Butterworth (pp. 333-360)
Faulkner's Typescripts of The Town by Eileen Gregory (pp. 361-386)
Faulkner on the Literature of the First World War by Michael Millgate (pp. 387-393)
"Hong Li" and Royal Street: The New Orleans Sketches in Manuscript by Noel Polk (pp. 394-395)
Book review by Sylvia W. Utterback of Kierkegaard and Faulkner by George C. Bedell (pp. 421-435)
Book review by Elizabeth Muhlenfeld of Faulkner 's Women by Sally R. Page (pp. 35-450)
Book review by Thomas McHaney of William Faulkner und die humoristische Tradition des amerikanischen Sudens by Hans Bungert (pp. 451-454)
Book review by Carl Ficken of Religious Perspectives in Faulkner?s Fiction: Yoknapatawpha and Beyond, ed. J. Robert Barth (pp. 454-458)
Book review by Noel Polk of Faulkner's Revision of Sanctuary by Gerald Langford (pp. 458-465)
Book review by Stephen Meats of William Faulkner: A Critical Essay by Martin Jarrett-Kerr (pp. 465-466)
Book review by H. K. Showett of The Making of Go Down. Moses by James Early (pp. 466-468)
Book review by Carol R. Rigsby of William Faulkner: An Annotated Checklist of Criticism, comp. John Bassett (pp. 468-471)
Book review by James B. Meriwether of William Faulkner: A Collection of Criticism, ed. Dean Morgan Schmitter (pp. 471-472)
Summer 1979, Special Issue, William Faulkner
Note: For physical location see Faulkner Periodicals (by Faulkner) Collection Box 5
Faulkner, Anderson, and "Artist at Home" by Tony J. Owens (pp. 393-412)
"Trifles with a tragic profundity": The Importance of "Mistral" by Lisa Paddock (pp. 413-422)
"Telling It Again and Again": Notes on a Horse thief by Kathiyn Chittick (pp. 423-436)
Faulkner into Film."Tomorrow" and "Tomorrow" by Carl E. Rollyson, Jr. (p. 437)
A Forgotten Faulkner Story "Thrift" by Hans H. Skei (pp. 453-460)
Faulkner's Priests and Fitzgerald's "Absolution" by Gail Moore Morrison (pp. 461-465)
Faulkner in Hollywood: A Checklist of His Filmscripts at the University of Virginia: A Correction and Additions by George F. Hayhoe (pp. 467-472)
Faulkner 1978: A Survey of Research and Criticism (pp. 497-518)
Book Review by David Paul Ragan of William Faulkner: The Cofield Collection by Jack Cofield (pp. 519-523)
Book review by Thomas L. McHaney of A History of Lafayette County, Mississippi by John C. Sobotka (pp. 523-526)
Book review by Dianne L Cox of Faulkner's Narrative Poetics, by Arthur Kinney (pp. 526-531)
Book review by Gail Moore Morrison of William Faulkner's Craft ofRevision, by Joanne V. Creighton (pp. 531-538)
Book review by Hugh M. Ruppersburg of Faulkner's Women: The Myth and the Muse, by David Williams (pp. 538-545)
Summer 1980 (Special Issue on William Faulkner)
The Composition of Soldier's Pay by Margaret J. Yonce (pp. 291-326)
Faulkner and Eugene O'Neill by Judith Bryant Wittenberg (pp. 327-341)
MiniaturizingYoknapatawpha: The Unvanquished as Faulkner 's Theory of Realism by Marjorie Pryse (pp. 343-354)
Faulkner's Verbena by Jane Isbell Haynes (pp. 355-362)
Horace Benbow: Faulkner's Endymion by Linda E. Mc Daniel (pp. 363-370)
The Rejected Manuscript Opening of Flags in the Dust by William Faulkner (p. 371)
The Uncut Text of Faulkner's Review of TestPilot by William Faulkner (pp. 385-389)
Faulkner 1979: A Survey of Research and Criticism by unlisted author (pp. 390-412)
Faulkner's Career: An Internal Literary History by unlisted author (book review) (pp. 413-415)
The First Editions of William Faulkner by unlisted author (book review) (pp. 415-416)
Summer 1991 - Special Issue. William Faulkner (2 copies)
Mississippi Woman's Magazine
November-December 1950 (2 copies)
Mississippi's Famous Faulkner by Dr. Walter F. Taylor (p. 1)
William Faulkner by C.R.G. (p. 1)
Appraisal of Faulkner from Commercial Appeal (p. 2)
Modern Fiction Studies
Autumn 1956
Faulkner 's Sick Heroes:Bayard Sartoris and Quentin Compson by Melvin Backman (pp. 95-108)
The Dialectic of Sanctuary by Robed Flynn (pp. 109-113)
Gothicism in Sanctuary: The Black Pall and the Crap Table by David L. Frazier
The Unity of The Wild Palms by W.R. Moses (pp. 125-131)
Everyman 's Warfare: A Study of Faulkner 's Fable by Roma A. King, Jr. (p. 132)
Faulkner's Garden: Woman and the Immemorial Earth by Karl E. Zink (p. 139)
Crtiticism of William Faulkner: A Selected Checklist with an Index to Studies of Separate Works by Maurice Beebe (pp. 150-164)
Summer 1958 (pp. 169-172) - Faulkner 's Raskolnikov by Frederick Gwynn
Winter 1957-1958 (pp. 291-308) - Faulkner's 'Pylon' and the Structure of Modernity by Donald T. Torchiana
MUW Alumnae News Bulletin
Fall 1975
Miss Maud by unidentified author
Maud's Roomer by unidentified author
Box 44 : N-Parade
29 September 1951 (pp. 263-64) - Faulkner: An Experiment in Drama by Irving Howe
11 October 1952 (pp. 331-332) - Yoknepatawpha County by Hayden Carruth (review of William Faulkner by Irving Howe)
7 August 1954 (pp. 115-118) - Cry Enough! by Carlos Baker (review of A Fable)
31 March 1956 (p. 259) - Reflections on Faulkner by Roy Bongartz
26 October 1957 (pp. 274-275) - Mr. Faulkner Exhausts the Future (reg, Little Rock) by unlisted author
15 February 1958 (pp. 140-141, 148) - Faulkner 's 'Popeye' by Robert Cantwell
28 February 1959 (pp. 193-194) - Theatre by Harold Clurman (review of Requiem for a Nun)
National Geographic
March 1989 - Faulkner's Mississippi by Willie Morris (pp. 313-339) (6 copies)
Nebraska English and Language Arts Journal
Fall/Winter 1990-91 [Faulkner issue]
Winter 2003-2004 - Sanctuary by Brian Pera
New Republic
12 August 1946 (pp. 176-180) - Cowley's Faulkner by Robert Penn Warren (Part I) (review of Portable Faulkner, ed. Malcolm Cowley)
26 August 1946 (pp. 234-237) - Cowley's Faulkner by Robert Penn Warren (Part II) (review of Portable Faulkner, ed. Malcolm Cowley)
5 November 1951 (pp. 19-20) - The "New Faulkner by Richard Match (review of Requiem for a Nun) (2 copies)
4 August 1952 (pp. 18-19) - On the Nobel Novelist by Isaac Rosenfeld (review of William Faulkner: A Critical Study by Irving Howe)
27 May 1957 (pp. 20-21) - Faulkner Returns to Yoknapatawpha by Donald Malcolm (review of The Town)
9 March 1959 (p. 22) - Faulkner's Faith Within Corruption by Tom F. Driver (review of Requiem for A Nun) New York Herald Tribune Book Review
20 August 1950 - In the Haunted, Heroic Land of Faulkner 's Imagination by Horace Gregory (review of The Collected Stories) (pp. 1, 12)
30 September 1951 - In Which Mr. Faulkner Translates Past into Present by Malcolm Cowley (review of Requiem for a Nun) (pp. 1, 14)
New York Times Book Review
20 August 1950 - The Dark, Bright World of Faulkner by Harry Sylvester (review of Collected Stories of William Faulkner) (p. 1) (3 copies)
30 September 1951 - The Redemption of Temple Drake by Robert Penn Warren (review of Requiem for a Nun) (pp. 1, 31)
4 April 1954 - William Faulkner 's Enduring Power by Irving Howe (review of The Faulkner Reader) (pp. 1, 22)
22 July 1962 (Wynn) - Yoknapatawpha County was a World that Was Complete in Itself by Irving Howe (pp. 6-7)
25 October 1964 - The Regional Can be Universal by Joseph Blotner (review of Faulkner's County: Yoknapatawpha by Martin Dam) (p. 55)
5 November 1972 - Faulkner, Lost and Found by James B. Merriwether (including introduction to Sound and the Fury) (pp. 6-7)
6 February 1977 (1 Wynn) - Selected Letters of William Faulkner by Eudora Welty (review of Selected Letters of William Faulkner, ed. Joseph Blotner) (pp. 1, 28-30) (2 copies)
21 May 1978 (Wynn) - New Critic Back Down South by Quentin Anderson (review of Toward Yoknapatawpha and Beyond by Cleanth Brooks) (pp. 7, 31-32)
New Yorker
28 February 1953 (pp. 18-20) - Doom (no author given)
28 August 1954 (pp. 78-79) - From Fifth Gospel by Brendan Gill (review of A Fable)
1 June 1957 (pp. 110-116) - Snopeishness and Faulknerishness by Norman Podhoretz
7 February 1959 (pp. 70-75) - From The Bright Side of Homicide by Kenneth Tynan (review of Requiem for a Nun)
21 April 1934 (p. 36) - Weird Tales: Abnormal Lives Created by William Faulkner by unlisted author (review of Dr. Martino and Other Stories)
30 March 1935 (p. 40) - Air Circus: The Old Faulkner Characters in a New Setting by unlisted author (review of Pylon)
11 December 1950 (p. 96) - The Winner (reg. Nobel Prize) by unlisted author (2 copies)
14 July 1952 (pp. 93-94) - Faulkner Appraised (review of Irving Howe 's William Faulkner: A Critical Study) by unlisted author
13 April 1953 (p. 56) - Baptism of Faulkner (reg TV airing of "The Brooch") by unlisted author
2 August 1954 (pp. 48-52) - William Faulkner: After Ten Years, A 'Fable' by unlisted author (4 copies)
16 July 1962 (pp. 52-53) - William Faulkner. Faith that Man Will Prevail (2 copies)
North American Review
April 1929 - The Literary Landscape by Herschel Brickell. Review of Sartoris
December 1932 - The Literary Landscape by Herschel Brickell. (p. 571). Review of Light in August
Northwest Review
Summer 1962 (pp. 51-60) - William Faulkner and the Concept of Honor by Elmo Howell
"Oh, Mr. Faulkner, Do You Write?" - July 1983
The Ole Miss Alumni Review
Fall 1962 (pp. 2-5) - William Faulkner and the University by John Pilkington, Jr.
The Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America
July-September 1961 (pp. 192-206) - Some Notes on the Text of Faulkner 's 'Sanctuary" by James Meriwether
July-September 1962 (pp. 285-316) - Notes on the Textual History of "The Sound and the Fury"
A Christmas Remembered by Dean Faulkner Wells (pp. 4-5) (2 copies)
Box 45: Paris Review-R
Paris Review
Spring 1956 (pp. 28-52) - The Art of Fiction (interview of William Faulkner by Jean Stein) (3 copies)
Parke-Bernet Galleries, Inc.
Fine Books and First Editions catalog 1963
Partisan Review
January-February 1951 (pp. 106-114) - Faulkner and Contemporaries by Isaac Rosenfeld
Au Pays de Faulkner
Note: For physical location see Faulkner Periodicals (by Faulkner) Collection Box 5
1 August 1970, no. 296
Reve et realites au pays de Faulkner by unlisted author (pp. 4-5)
Au Comte de Yoknapatawpha by Claude Jannoud (pp. 6-90)
Le Conteur de Jefferson by unlisted author (pp. 10-17)
Oxford, Mississippi by unlisted author (pp. 18-29)
Avec Faulkner by unlisted author (pp. 30-33)
Perspective on Faulkner
Summer 1949 (pp. 179-94) - Dream as Symbolic Act in Faulkner by Ruel E. Foster
March 1954 (p. 56) - Cartier-Bresson 's Approach to Portraiture (photo of Faulkner) Playano, El
Fall 1952 (pp. 13-20) - On William Faulkner by Philip Adler
October 1933 (pp. 48-52) - Faulkner as Poet by Morris U. Schappes
Postal Life
September-October 1971 (pp. 6-8) - Novel Way to Run a Post Office by unlisted author (4 copies)
2 October 1935 (pp.391-392) - "Power" to Little Purpose (review of As I Lay Dying)
Princeton University Library Chronicle
Note: For physical location see Faulkner Periodicals (by Faulkner) Collection Box 5
Spring 1957 - Volume on Faulkner (2 copies)
Faulkner and His Folk by Hodding Carter (pp. 95-107)
On Translating Faulkner by Maurice Edgar Coindreau (pp. 108-113)
The Pairing of The Sound and the Fury & As I Lay Dying by Carvel Collins (p. 114)
An Examination of the Poetry of William Faulkner by George P. Garrett. Jr. (p. 124)
William Faulkner. A Check List by James B. Meriwether (pp. 136-158)
New & Notable by unlisted author (pp. 166-170)
Spring 1960 (pp. 111-164) - The Literary Career of William Faulkner: Catalogue of an Exhibition by James B. Meriwether (2 copies)
Publications of the Modern Language Association (PMLA)
March 1958 (pp. 155-166) - The Unity of Faulkner's Light in August by C. Hugh Holman
September 1961 (pp. 447- 454) - Is Oxford the Original of Jefferson in William Faulkner's Novels? by G.T. Buckley (2 copies, 1 partial)
December 1961 (595-600) - The Wilderness and the Negro in Faulkner 's "The Bear" by Melvin Backman
December 1962 (pp. 652-659) - Faulkner's Geography and Topography by Calvin S. Brown
Publishers Weekly
16 July 1962 (pp. 33-5) - Faulkner's obituary by unlisted author
1963-1964 (foreign) (pp. 256 (1)-266 (11)) - Faulknerova Alegorija Moralne Svijesti by Mira Jankovic
November 1962 (pp. 8-9) - William Faulkner (a tribute) by unlisted author
Reader's Digest
June 1976 - William Faulkner: The Man Behind the Genius by unlisted author
Record (Sigma Alpha Epsilon)
March 1929 (p.30) - A Successful Novelist
February 1951 (pp. 2-3) - The Nobel Prize Winners by Don Gable
February 1967 (pp. 6-8) - Centennial Birthday for Mississippi Gamma by unlisted author
The Rectangle
Spring 1976 (cover, pp. 2, 5-8, 21, 30, 35, 49)
Joanna Burden as Joe Christmas' Altar Ego by Eugene O. Young
Various Faulkner related illustrations
Renaissance and Modern Studies (University of Nottingham)
1998 - Special Issue: Faulkner and Modernism
Autumn 1958 (pp. 3-9) - Absalom, Absalom!: The Edge of Infinity by Richard Coanda
14 September 1954 (pp. 43-5) - Thirteen Who Mutinied: Faulkner 's First World War by Irving Howe
3 November 1955 (p. 40) - A Lion in the Garden by Madeleine Chapsal
22 March 1956 (pp. 18-20) - A Talk With William Faulkner by Russell Warren Howe (2 copies)
Summer 1974 (pp. 12-17) - Pappy Wins the Nobel by unlisted author (4 copies)
Review and Expositor
Summer 1964 (pp. 167-178) - God, Man, and Redemption in Modern Drama by Dan 0. Via, Jr.
February 1963 (pp. 67-70, 83) - William Faulkner's Final Interview by Phillipe Berard
Box 46: S (except Saturday Review of Literature)
Saturday Evening Post
July 13-20, 1963 (5 copies, pp. 32-37) - The Death of William Faulkner by Hughes Rudd
Sewanee Review
Summer 1945 (pp. 343-361) - William Faulkner 's Legend of the South by Malcolm Cowley
Winter 1963
Faulkner 's Sanctuary: The Discovery of Evil by Cleanth Brooks (pp. 1-24)
William Faulkner 1897-1962 by Allen Tate (pp. 160-164)
Winter 1951 (pp. 37-39) - Book review of Sartoris by Robert 0. Paxton
August 1992 (pp. 97-99) - Move over, Bill--I'm a Writer, too by Robert Canzoneri
The South Central Bulletin
February 1964 (3 copies, p. 26) - Rowan Oak--The Home of William Faulkner by James Webb
Southern Accents
April 1992 - Sanctuary of the Storyteller: A New Orleans Couple Has Restored the House Where William Faulkner Became a Writer by Joan Williams
Southern Living
May 1973 - Caravan to Faulkner Country. .And Beyond by Harold Martin
August 1987 (p. 19) - Rowan Oak-Faulkner's Mississippi Refuge
Southern Observer
September 1962 (p. 139) - William Faulkner. 1897-1962 (a tribute) by Durant DaPonte
Southern Review
Spring 1967 (pp. 357-386) - The Falkners of Oxford. The Enchanted Years by Murry C. Falkner
Spring 1968 (pp. 458-466) - Hemingway and Faulkner: "The End of Something" by Hyatt H. Waggoner
Southern Speech Journal
Spring 1966 (pp. 223-225) - The Meaning of 'Snopesism" by Elmo Howell
Southwest Review
Summer 1949 (p. 280) - William Faulkner: The Private versus the Public Vision by W.M. Frohock
Soviet Life
June 1966 (pp. 58-9) - Hemingway and Faulkner: A Russian View by Pyotr Palievsky
Studies in English (University of Mississippi)
1971 (pp. 1-58) - An Annotated Bibliography of William Faulkner, 1967-1970 by James Barlow Lloyd
Introduction by Evans Harrington (pp. 1-4)
History of Northern Mississippi by David Sansig (pp. 5-21)
The Evolution of Yoknapatawpha by Elizabeth Kerr (pp. 23-62)
William Faulkner--Seminar by Joseph Blotner (pp. 63-78)
Dilsey and the Compsons by Malcolm Cowley (pp. 79-88)
Ike McCaslin and the Wilderness by M alcolm Cowley (pp. 89-97)
The Sister Figure and "Little Sister Death" in the Fiction of William Faulkner by Peggy Flynn (pp. 99-117)
Faulkner 's Mississippi. Land into Legend--Panel Discussion with Malcolm Cowley, Evans Harrington, Elizabeth Kerr, Robert Oesterling, and questioners from audience (pp. 119-133)
William Faulkner's Mississippi--Panel Discussion with Joseph Blotner, Elizabeth Kerr, Malcolm Cowley, Jack Stone, Gerald Walton, and questioners from audience (pp. 135-140)
The Riches of Yoknapatawpha--Panel Discussion with Joseph Blotner, Malcolm Cowley, Evans Harrington, Elizabeth Kerr, Gerald Walton, James Webb, and questioners from audience (pp. 141-161)
1976 - Selections from Faulkner and Yoknapatawpha
Studies in Short Fiction
Summer 1967 (pp. 308-14) - Inversion and the "Female" Principle: William Faulkner 's "A Courtship" by Elmo Howell
Sud: Revue Litteraire Bimestrielle
Issue 48-49 (1983) [Faulkner issue]
Box 47: Saturday Review of Literature
31 October 1936 (pp. 3-4, 14) - Witchcraft in Mississippi by Bernard DeVoto
19 December 1936 (pp. 10-12) - The Story of Jack and Jill (As it might be told by William Faulkner, P.G. Wodehouse and Alexander Woolcott) by Timothy Fuller
21 May 1938 (pp. 6-8) - William Faulkner. That Writin' Man of Oxford by Anthony Buttitta
22 March 1941 (pp. 3-4) - Fashions in Defeatism by Van Wyck Brooks
19 September 1942
William Faulkner and His Neighbors by Phil Stone (p. 12)
Out of the Cyprus Swamp (review of Dollar Cotton by John Faulkner) (p.20)
23 January 1943
The Novel in the South: "A Taboo is No Longer a Red Light" by James Southall Wilson (pp. 11-12)
The Southern Poor White: Myth, Symbol and Reality of a Nation by Mildred Mell (pp. 13-14)
14 April 1945 (2 copies, pp. 13-16) - William Faulkner Revisited by Malcolm Cowley
25 September 1948
Ex-Aristocrat 's Emotional Education by Maxwell Geismar (review of Intruder in the Dust) (pp. 8-9)
The Author by R.G. (p. 8)
6 August 1949 (pp. 99-122)
From Babbitt to the Bomb by Roger Butterfield and Roland Gelatt
One Man's Musings on Regional American Fiction in the U.S.A. 1924-1949 by Doug Anderson (pp. 44-46).
20 August 1949 (pp. 7-9, 35-38) - Old-World Views on New-World Writing by Robert Pick
29 September 1951 (p. 12) - Purification by Sacrifice by Harrison Smith (review of Requiem for a Nun)
13 October 1951 (pp. 27-8, 64) - A Matter of Inspiration by Elizabeth Bowen
2 June 1951 (pp. 6-7, 33-34) - Twenty-five Years After: The Lost Generation Today by Malcolm Cowley
9 June 1951 (p. 4) - Trade Winds by unlisted author (2 copies)
12 July 1952 (3 copies)
Faulkner: Sorcerer or Slave? By Edith Hamilton (pp. 8-10, 39-41)
A Rapt & Tumid Power by Maxwell Geisimar (review of William Faulkner: A Critical Study by Irving Howe) (pp. 10-11)
26 December 1953 (p. 4) - Trade Winds by unlisted author
31 July 1954 (pp. 11-12) (4 copies)
Latter-Day Christ Story (review of A Fable) by Maxwell Geismar
The Author by Bernard Kalb (p. 11)
26 March 1955 (p. 19) - Faulkner and the Critics by Robert Halsband
25 June 1955 (p. 24) - Faulkner in Pharaoh-Land by unlisted author
7 July 1956 (p. 16) - William Faulkner vs. The Literary Conference by H.S.
20 October 1956 (p. 58) - O'Neil and Faulkner via the Abroad Way by Henry Hewes
27 April 1957 (2 copies, p. 12-13)
The Snopes Revisited by James B. Merriwether (pp. 20-21)
From Yoknapatawpha to UNESCO, the Dream (Faulkner's speech for UNESCO)
4 May 1957 (p. 23) - One Man 's Faulkner (review of Irving Malin's William Faulkner: An Interpretation) by Thomas Lowry
14 February 1959 (p. 32) - Faulkner and the Fallen Idle by Henry Hewes (review of Requiem for a Nun on Broadway)
7 March 1959 (3 copies)
From Faulkner to Film by Jerry Wald (p. 16,42)
Old Times They are Not Forgotten by Hollis Alpert (p. 28)
14 November 1959 - The Last of the Snopeses by Granville Hicks (2 copies)
4 June 1960 (p. 30) - "Father Courage" (review of staging of As I Lay Dying) by Henry Hewes
3 September 1960 (p. 240) - Yoknapatawpha Conundrums by Oscar Cargill (review of Walter J. Slatoff's Quest for Failure
18 March 1961 (p. 26) - Requiem for a Sanctuary (review of film Sanctuary) by Arthur Knight
2 June 1962 (p. 27) - Building Blocks of a Gentleman by Granville Hicks (5 copies)
28 July 1962 (17 copies)
William Faulkner. Man and Writer by Hamikon Basso (pp. 11-15)
The Power of Words by Leonore Marshall (pp. 16-17)
The Falkners of Mississippi by Ruth Brown (p. 17)
The Cosmos of the Artist (an interview) (pp. 18-21)
The Writer in Critical Persjxctive by Irving Howe (pp. 22-26)
11 June 1966 (pp. 22-26) - A Fresh Look at Faulkner by Malcolm Cowley (3 copies)
13 July 1968 (pp. 23-24) - Facts of Faulkner by Granville Hicks
26 January 1974 (pp. 43-5) - Faulkner 's Fancywork by Panthea Broughton (review of Flags in the Dust)
5 February 1977 (pp. 24-6) - Mule Talk in Yoknapatawha County by John W. Aldridge (review of Selected Letters of William Faulkner, ed. Joseph Blotner
Box 48: T-Z (except Time)
Tennessee Folklore Society Bulletin
1957 (pp. 75-82) - "Folk Humor in the Novels of William Faulkner" by Frank M. Hoadley
Tennessee Historical Quarterly
September 1962 (pp. 251-262) - "William Faulkner and Tennesssee by Elmo Howell
1956 - "How to Misread Faulkner: A Powerful Plea for Ignorance" by William J. Griffin
1957 (pp. 1-13) - "Faulkner and the Puritanism of the South by Harold J. Douglas and Robert Daniel
1959(pp. 99-107) - "The Quality of Evil in Faulkner's Sanctuary" by Elmo Howell
1967 (pp. 149-1 53) - (only article included in journal). "Sam Fathers: A Note on Faulkner 's 'A Justice'" by Elmo Howell
Theatre Arts
April 1949 (p. 49) "Faulkner Dances by Truman Capote
October 1951 (pp. 50, 77) - Requiem for Temple Drake by Richard Mc Laughlin (2 copies)
April 1959 (pp. 23, 67) - On Broadway: Requiem for a Nun by unlisted author (review)
THOTH, Journal of the English Graduate Group (Syracuse)
Spring 1962 (pp. 101-110) - Ritual and Myth in William Faulkner 's Pylon by Edward Guereschi
1 September 1963 (pp. 8-9) - Memorial to a Literary Giant by unlisted author
TV Guide
15-21 December 1979 (pp. 12-14) - William Faulkner: A Life on Paper by Robert Penn Warren
U inter-university and college magazine
Spring 1965 (pp. 6-8) - Faulkner: The Novelist Behind the Man by Norman Jackson
Under 30
Winter 1963 (p. 10) - Unvanquished by H.H.Van Lenten
USA 1, Monthly News and History
3 August 1962 (pp. 49-53) - Faulkner by Harold B. Meyers
University of Virginia Alumni News
May-June 1962
Faulkner Reads, Talks at University Appearance by unlisted author (p. 2)
Writers in Residence by Rasa Gustaitis (pp. 7-8)
The University of Virginia Magazine
Winter 1958 (pp. 7-13) - William Faulkner on Dialect
Virginia Cavalcade
Summer 1974 (pp. 32-39) - The Virginia Face of Faulkner by M. Thomas Inge
The Virginia Quarterly Review
Summer 1942 (pp. 389-402) - Faulkner: The Rhetoric and the Agony by Alfrerl Kazin
Winter 1955 (pp. 128-131) - The South in Literature by James Southall Wilson
Virginia This Week
14-21 November 1975 (pp. 5, 9) - William Cuthbert Faulkner (Faulkner exhibit at UVA)
July 1962 (pp. 70-72, 114-116) - William Faulkner at West Point by Allene Talmey (3 copies)
Wake 9
1950 (pp. 122-24) - Review of Collected Stories by John Hunt
Western Review
Summer 1951 (pp. 300-304, page 300 is missing) - An Interview with William Faulkner by Lavon Roscoe
Spring 1952 (pp. 199-205) - The Centaur and the Pear Tree by Russell Roth
Winter 1952 (pp. 162-167) - William Faulkner: Artist and Moralist (review of Requiem for a Nun) by Ray B. West, Jr.
Wilson Bulletin
February 1930 (p. 252) - William Faulkner by unlisted author
Wisconsin Studies
Spring-Summer 1960 (pp. 66-84) - "Snopes" by Elizabeth M. Kerr
June 1951
Writers Digest
July 1961 (pp. 15-16, 77-80) - "William Faulkner of Oxford, Mississippi" by Jere R. Hoar (3 copies)
The Yale Review
Spring 1963 (pp. 340-351) - "History, Tragedy, and the Imagination in Absolom, Absolom!" by Cleanth Brooks
Zeit Magazin
October 1986 (pp. 37-48) - "I'm Tiefen Suden by Fritz Raddatz"
Box 49: Time
2 November 1936 (p. 67) - "Southern Cypher" (review of Absolom, Absolom! ) by unlisted author (2 copies)
21 February 1938 (p. 79) - "Town a-Building" (review of The Unvanquished) by unlisted author
23 January 1939 (p.45-8) - "When the Dam Breaks" by unlisted author (5 copies)
11 May 1942 (p. 95) - "Dark-Ride Through Town" (review of Go Down. Moses) by unlisted author
4 October 1948 (pp. 108-112) - "A Way Out of the Swamp?" (review of Intruder in the Dust)
21 November 1949 (p. 118) - "Yoknapatawpha Sherlock" by unlisted author (review of Knight’s Gambit) (2 copies)
28 August 1950 (p. 79) - "Haunted Landscapes" (review of Collected Stories) by unlisted author (2 copies)
20 November 1950 (p. 29) - "Foreign News” (reg. Nobel Prize) by unlisted author (2 copies)
24 September 1951 (pp. 114-118) - "Sanctuary Revisited" (review of Requiem for a Nun) by unlisted author
13 April 1953 (p. 71) - "New Blood" (reg. “The Brooch”) by unlisted author
22 June 1953 (p. 43) - "Before the Final Signature" (speech at Pine Manor Junior College) by unlisted author
2 August 1954 (p. 76) - "Faulkner's Passion Play" (review of A Fable) by unlisted author (2 copies)
15 August 1955 (pp. 24-26) - "In People" (reg. Trip to Japan) by unlisted author
25 February 1957 (p. 72) - "The Visitor" (reg. lecture at UVA) by unlisted author
6 May 1957 (p. 110) - "The Snopeses" (review of The Town) by unlisted author
20 April 1959 - "Shrunken-Head Faulkner" (review of No Place No Run by Philip Alston Stone)
13 July 1962 (pp. 85-6) - "He Will Prevail" (tribute to Faulkner) by unlisted author (p. 101)
17 July 1964 (pp. 44-48) - "The Curse and the Hope" by unlisted author (5 copies)
11 February 1966 - "Growing Myth" Review of William Faulkner: Essays, speeches, and public letters By unlisted author
Series V. Oxford Eagle Articles
Box 56 10 December 1936. Fragment. (2 copies)
06 October 1949. Fragment. (10 copies)
13 October 1949.
16 November 1950. Fragment. (12 copies)
21 December 1950. Fragment. (3 copies)
28 December 1950. Fragment. (4 copies)
04 January 1951. Fragment. (2 copies)
01 February 1951. (3 copies)
24 May 1951. Fragment.
31 May 1951. Fragment.
31 May 1951.
Note: Gift of John E. French
05 July 1951. Fragment.
22 August 1957. (3 copies)
12 July 1962. Sections: 1 (11)/2 (16)/3 (8)
26 July 1962. (2 copies)
18 July 1963. Fragment.
16 April 1964.
22 April 1965. Sections: 1 (6)/2 (7)/3 (8)/4 (8)
24 February 1966. Fragment.
Series VI. Miscellaneous Clippings
Folder 50.1 Biographical information
Folder 50.2 Book reviews
Folder 50.3 Book reviews, "The Big Woods"
Folder 50.4 Book reviews, A Fable
Folder 50.5 Book reviews, The Mansion
Folder 50.6 Book reviews, Requiem for a Nun
Folder 50.7 Book reviews, The Town
Folder 50.8 Cartoons of Faulkner
Folder 50.9 Conferences, General
Folder 50.10 Conference, 1974
Folder 50.11 Conference, 1975
Folder 50.12 Conference, 1976
Folder 50.13 Conference, 1977
Folder 50.14 Conference, 1978-
Folder 51.1 Criticism, personal
Folder 51.2 Display cards
Folder 51.3 Faulkner family
Folder 51.4 Film production
Folder 51.5 Folklore and Faulkner
Folder 51.6 Foreign translations
Folder 51.7 Honors
Folder 51.8 Interpretations
Folder 51.9 Letters about Faulkner
Folder 51.10 Letters to the Editor
Folder 51.11 Manuscripts
Folder 51.12 Maps
Folder 51.13 Miscellaneous
Folder 51.14 Miscellaneous
Folder 51.15 Miscellaneous, 1970-72
Folder 51.16 Miscellaneous, 1930's
Folder 52.1 Miscellaneous, 1950-58
Folder 52.2 Miscellaneous, 1962 (death and funeral)
Folder 52.3 Miscellaneous, 1963
Folder 52.4 Miscellaneous, 1964
Folder 52.5 Miscellaneous, 1965
Folder 52.6 Miscellaneous, 1966
Folder 52.7 Miscellaneous, 1967-69
Folder 52.8 Movies, "Land of the Pharoahs"
Folder 52.9 Movies, Miscellaneous
Folder 52.10 Movies, "Intruder in the Dust" #1
Folder 52.11 Movies, "Intruder in the Dust" #2
Folder 53.1 Movies, "Intruder in the Dust," #3
Folder 53.2 Movies, "Intruder in the Dust," #4
Folder 53.3 Movies, premiere
Folder 53.4 Movies, "The Reivers"
Folder 53.5 Movies, "The Sound and the Fury"
Folder 53.6 Movies, "Tomorrow"
Folder 53.7 Nobel Prize
Folder 53.8 Nobel Prize speech and anthem "Man Will Prevail"
Folder 53.9 Obituaries, foreign
Folder 53.10 Obituaries, U.S.
Folder 53.11 Photographs
Folder 53.12 Play reviews, "Requiem for a Nun"
Folder 53.13 Quotations, press
Folder 53.14 Rowan Oak, photographs
Folder 54.1 Sartoris
Folder 54.2 Scholars
Folder 54.3 Speeches
Folder 54.4 Television
Folder 54.5 Tombstone
Folder 54.6 Venezuela visit
Folder 54.7 Views on the man
Folder 54.8 William Faulkner of Oxford
Folder 54.9 Works
Folder 54.10 Yoknapatawpha
Folder 55.1 American periodicals
Folder 55.2 New Orleans Courier, 2 December 1976
Folder 55.3 Articles from the Oxford Eagle
Folder 55.4 Articles from the Commercial Appeal
Folder 55.5 Articles from the Laurel Leader Call
Folder 55.6 Articles from the Times Picayune and the Double Dealer (xeroxes)
Folder 55.7 Articles from foreign journals
Folder 55.8 Articles from foreign newspapers
Folder 55.9 The Crimson White, University of Alabama, 9 June 1963
Folder 55.10 Clippings: undated and unidentified
Folder 55.11 The Planet Weekly, New Albany, MS, 18-25 September ; 25 September-1 October 1997 (00-1464).