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University of Mississippi
Buildings & Grounds Collection.
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Collection contains dedication programs and invitations, correspondence, speeches, and postcards related to various buildings on the University of Mississippi campus. Items were created 1907-2002.
3 boxes.
Repository :
The University of Mississippi
J.D. Williams Library
Department of Archives and Special Collections
P.O. Box 1848, University, MS 38677-1848, USA
Phone: 662.915.7408
Fax: 662.915.5734
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Buildings & Grounds Collection (MUM00525). The Department of Archives and Special Collections, J.D. Williams Library, The University of Mississippi.

Scope and Contents Note
Collection contains dedication programs and invitations, correspondence, speeches, and postcards related to various buildings on the University of Mississippi campus. Items were created 1907-2002.

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University of Mississippi -- History

Container List
Control Number 00-380

Box 1: A-Library

Anderson Hall:
a. Dedication program.

Baptist Student Union:
a. Invitation to dedication.

Barnard/Garland/Hedleston/Leavell/Mayes/Somerville Halls:
a. Dedication programs (2 copies).

Barnard Observatory:
a. Cards (2).
b. Historic Structures Report, Phase I (1982).
c. Invitation to Dedication, November 1992.
d. Program from Dedication.
e. Schedule of Events for Dedication ceremony.
f. "Information Concerning the East Wing of Observatory Building," n. d.
g. ADS. Certificate from MDAH. Re: National Register of Historic Places, 8 December 1978.
h. Request for donations to support NEH renovation of building. n.d.

Baxter Hall:
a. Rededication booklet, 1991.

Biological Field Station:
a. Groundbreaking program, 1996.

Bishop Hall:
a. Dedication program (4 copies).
b. Preliminary remarks of Chancellor at Dedication ceremony.
c. Typed essay on history of building, 2 pages.
d. Press release regarding Dedication, n. d.
e. Introductory remarks from Chancellor at Dedication.
f. Dr. Peter Kyle McCarter speech from dedication ceremony, 1969.

Bondurant Hall:
a. Staff reception invitation for renovation, Jan 24, 2001.

Bryant Hall:
a. Monday Report with article on dedication, 1984.

Mary Buie Museum:
a. Dedicaiton program.
b. Pamphlets.
c. Christmas card with museum on cover (2 copies).
d. Pamphlet for University Museum.

Business/Accountancy Complex
a. 'Groundbreaking for Addition to the Business/Accountancy
Complex' program, October 20, 1995.
b. "Business and Accountancy At the Next Level: The Building Campaign

Carrier Hall:
a. Invitation to Dedication.
b. Dedication program (3 copies).
c. Governor White's acceptance remarks from dedication of Carrier Hall, 1955.
d. Remarks of Chancellor at Dedication, 1955.
e. Resolution signed by Chancellor Williams declaring "Carrier Day," 30 November 1955.
f. Remarks of H. M. Ivy at Dedication of Carrier Hall, 1955.

Center for Wetland Resources:
a. Invitation to Dedication, June 1, 2001.

a. Invitation to Groundbreaking, 1996.
b. Groundbreaking Program, 1996 (3 copies).

Civil Rights Memorial:
a. Interoffice Memorandum dated April 2, 2002. Re: funds for civil rights monument

Thad Cochran National Center for Natural Products Research
a. Dedication program, 7 May, 1999.(2 copies).

Confederate Monument
a. Postcard Featuring Confederate Monument With Inscription. Photograph by Charles L. Costner, April 22, 1989.

Conner Hall:
a. Invitation to Dedication.
b. List of Dedication Committee Members.
c. Dedication program.
d. Speech from dedication ceremony.
e. Press release regarding dedication.
f. Brochure and Invitation to the Rededication of Conner Hall and the Naming of the E.H. Patterson School of Accountancy, September 10, 1999(99-97).
g. Summary of computer facilities at Conner Hall for
Technology Committee, June 20, 1994.
h. Groundbreaking for addition to Business/Accountancy Complex, 1995.

Coulter Hall:
a. Dedication program.

Deaton Hall:
a. Biographical sketch of Eula Deaton.
b. Message from Kate Skipwith.
c. Article from MSCW Alumnae News (November 1941).
d. A. L. S. Margaret Deaton to "Miss Kate," 1 April 1950.
e. A. L. S. Mary H. Fulton to Miss Hefley, 19 May 1950.
f. T. L. from George H. Deaton, 5 May 1952.
g. T. L. S. George H. Deaton to Estella G. Hefley, 5 May 1952.
h. A. L. S. Janie R. Taylor to Miss Hefley, 11 May 1952.
i. Dedication program (3 copies).
j. Dedication speech.
k. Dedication schedule.
l. A. L. S. Mary H. Fulton to Miss Hefley, 19 May 1952.
m. T. L. S. Estella G. Hefley to Herman Deaton, 8 October 1952.
n. T. L. S. Mary B. Deaton to Estella G. Hefley, 30 June 1953.
o. 2 envelopes.

Depot (Oxford)
Materials relating to the 2004 renovation of the Oxford/University railroad depot.

DeSoto Center (Southaven, MS):
a. Invitation to opening of new center, 1995.

Faser Hall:
a. Invitations (2 copies).
b. Dedication program (3 copies).
c. T. L. S. Henry M. Faser to Joe B. McCaskill, 24 June 1970.
d. Dedication speech, 14 June 1970.
e. Program from dedication of Austin P. Dodge Pharmacy Library, Faser Hall, 6 December 1973.

Field House:
a. Dedication program, 1930(5 copies).
b. Groundbreaking for addition to 'Doc Knight' Field House, 1990s.

George Hall:
a. Rededication program, 1994.

Gillom Sports Center
a. Dedication program.
b. Invitation to dedication (2000)

Golf Club House:
a. Dedication program.

Gordon Hall:
a. Specification for building Gordon Hall, n. d.

Guess Hall:
a. Invitation to dedication.
b. Dedication program (3 copies).
c. List of Dedication Committee.
d. Speech from dedication.
e. T. L. S. from J. D. Williams to Faculty and Staff regarding dedication, 20 April 1961.

a. "An Opportunity for the Alumni, Ex-Students and Friends of the University of Mississippi," 1925.

Harrison Health Center:
a. Dedication program, 1991.

Hederman-Hussey Pavilion
a. Invitation and Program from the Dedication of the Hederman-Hussey Pavilion, September 17, 1999.

Hefley Hall:
a. Dedication program (2 copies).

Hollingsworth Chemistry Lecture Center
a. Invitation and Program from the Dedication of the Dr. Jeff Hollingsworth Chemistry Lecture Center for the Health Related Professions, September 17, 1999.

Holman Hall
a. Dedication program, Oct 14, 1997.

Hume Hall:
a. Dedication program, 1964 (7 copies).
b. Dedication program, 1968.
c. "A Directory of the Hume Honor Gallery" (3 copies).
d. Invitation to dedication.
e. List of Dedication Committee.
f. Biographical sketch of Alfred Hume.
g. Speech from dedication.
i. Announcement regarding dedication, 3 December 1968.

Clint and Ellen Ann Johnson Pharmacy Student Center
a. Invitation to the Dedication, November 5, 1999.

Paul B. Johnson Commons:
a. Invitation (2 copies).
b. Dedication program (3 copies).
c. List of Dedication Committee members.
d. Speech from dedication.

Kennon Observatory:
a. W.L. Kennon, "The Physics Building Project at the University of Mississippi" (reprinted from American Journal of Physics 8 (October 1940).
o. Guidebook to Tour of Physics Building and Observatory," 1942 (2 copies).

Law Center:
a. Dedication program.
b. Christmas Card with Law Center on cover.

Lewis Hall: see Kennon Observatory also
a. Dedication of Research Addition, 1994 (2 copies).

a. Christmas Card with Library on cover.
b. Dedication program, 1992 (2 copies).
c. Description of printers' imprints.
d. Invitation to dedication, 1951.
e. Invitation to Renovation, 1997.
f. JD Williams Renovation Pamphlet, c. 1995.
g. Copy of promotional flyer for the Carthage Marble Corporation, used in Library construction, September 1952.
h. Invitations to events honoring dedication of Seymour Lawrence Reading Room, April 17, 1993.
i. Layout map of library with copy of TL 1/31/92 from architects

Box 2: Lott-Z & General Campus

Trent Lott Leadership Institute
a. "Ole Miss to develop Leadership Institute" in DM,
Jan 20, 1999; Ctrl #2000-55.

o. Building Bond, 1902.
p. Rededication program, April 27, 2001.
q. Rededication invitation, April 27, 2001.
r. "Celebration Weekend, April 27-29, 2001."

McCain Hall:
a. Dedication program (2 copies).
b. Speech by Admiral William F. Halsey, 7 October 1947.
c. Information for the press regarding dedication of McCain Hall.
d. Reproduction of photograph, n. d.
e. Christmas Card by William Carey Lester, 1970.

Medical Center, Jackson:
a. Dedication program, 1955 (2 copies).
b. Map of campus (2 copies).

Meek Hall:
a. Dedication program (9 copies).
b. Invitation (2 copies).
c. List of Committee members.
d. Speech from dedication (2 copies).

Memory House:
a. Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony, 1995.

Miller Hall:
a. Dedication prorgram, 1959.

Mississippi Center for Continuing Studies:
a. Brochure

National Center for the Development of Natural Products:
a. The National Center for the Development of Natural
Products, c.1999
b. The Maynard W. Quimby Medicinal Plant Garden brochure,
c. 1999
c. Groundbreaking, 1990.

Oxford-University Stadium Swayze Field:
a. Dedication invitation, 1989.

John N. Palmer/Mitchell Salloum Tennis Center:
a. Dedication program, 1991.

Paris-Yates Chapel and Peddle Bell Tower:
a. Dedication booklet (slightly waterdamaged), Apr 28, 2001.
b. Dedication invitation, Apr 28, 2001.

David S. Pankratz Building, UM Medical Center, Jackson:
a. Dedication program, 1993 (3 copies).

Phi Mu Commemorative Fountain
a. Invitation to dedication, August 2002

Physical Plant:
a. Press release, 1958 (5 copies).
b. T. L. Marvin M. Black to Harold W. Herman, 2 October 1958.
c. Dedication of Power Generation Plant, 2002
d. Permit to engage in business issued to Department of
Utilities, Physical Plant, 1963

Powers Hall:
a. Invitation to dedication.
b. List of dedication committee members.
c. Dedication program.
d. Biographical sketch of Powers.
e. Schedule of dedication events.
f. Speech from dedication.

Radio Station:
a. Blue prints of building.

Michael S. Starnes Athletic Training Center:
a. Grand opening invitation, 1994.

Student Union:
a. "An Ole Miss Sneak Preview," (3 copies).
b. "Laying the Cornerstone," 11 November 1978.
c. Christmas Card.
d. Dining Guide to Student Union, 1995.

Thomas T. Turner Health, Physical Education and Recreation
a. Dedication program, April 16, 1983.

University House:
a. "Regarding the University House," 25 September 1951.
b. "Report of the University House Association," 31 October 1952.
c. "Summary of University House Activities," (2 copies).
d. "Schedule of University House Teas," Spring 1954.
e. Dedication of the University House in honor of George M.
Street, April 17, 1998

University Museums:
a. "University Museums Phase I -- Cultural Center" 1977

Ventress Hall:
a. Christmas Card by William Carey Lester, 1970.
b. Post-restoration, College of Liberal Arts brochure,

Coy Waller Laboratory Complex (Pharmacy):
a. Dedication program, 1993.

Jamie L. Whitten National Center for Physical Acoustics
a. "Activities and Plans", overhead prints. Sept 8, 1997.
b. NCPA Celebrates, 10th anniversary bulletin. Oct 15, 1986
o. Oct 15, 1996.
c. Dedication Program, 1990.

"Y" Building:
a. Broadside on building's centennial, 1953.

E.F. Yerby Conference Center and Alumni House
a. Promotional brochure for the Conference Center and Alumni House sent with materials from the Institute for Continuing Studies, November 1999.

General Campus:
a. Brochure, 1912-1913.
b. Souvenir Calendar, 1907.
c. Information book, 1939.
d. Miscellaenous correspondence regarding markers on campus.
e. Handwritten notes and chronology on history of UM dorms.
f. T. L. Chancellor ot John Lee Gainey, 21 January 1935.
g. Aeriel photographs (copies) of men's dormitory under construction, n. d.
h. Guide to campus, n. d.
i. Pamphlet, "Things that Can Not Wait," regarding UM Building fund, circa 1956-58.
j. Brochure, 1930.
k. Typed essay on Chemistry-Pharmacy building.
l. 1924 Calendar featuring campus scenes.
m. Crape Myrtles moved to greenhouse for safekeeping.
DM July 15, 1998.
n. 'Points of Interest at the University of Mississippi'.
o. 'Toward a Pedestrian Friendly Campus', Jan 10, 1997.
p. "Floor Plans for Faculty Residences" (n.d.).

Box 3 - Postcards

1. New Dormitory, c. 1909 (2 copies). Note: One card annotated by University Student.

2. New Dormitory and Mess Hall, c. 1909 (2 copies).

3. Postcard book, c. 1907 featuring Oxford City Hall, Entrance to Campus, Ventress, Lyceum, Woman's Hall, Barnard Observatory, University Training School, and Confederate Monument.

4. Chapel, 1923.

4a. Library (Ventress Hall), c. 1910. Note: Card Annotated by University Student.

5. Library (Bryant Hall), 1923.

6. Lyceum, reflected in Fountain, 1907.

7. Lyceum, 1907.

8. Lamar Hall (School of Law), 1955.

9. Library, c. 1955.

10. Cafeteria (Johnson Commons), c. 1955.

11. Bondurant Hall, c. 1955.

12. Lyceum, c. 1955.

13. Ventress and Confederate Monument, c. 1908.

14. Alumni House, n. d. (2 copies).

15. Woman's Hall, c. 1911.

16. Entrance to University, n. d.

17. University of Mississippi v. Mississippi A & M "teddy bear" baseball game, c. 1908.

18. "Campus View," n. d.

19. Gordon Hall, n. d.

ACCR. #98-110
1. Lamar Hall, n.d. [1950-1960's].
2. Observatory and McCain Hall, n.d.
3. Geology Building, n.d.
4. University of Mississippi Medical Center, n.d.
5. Carrier Hall, n.d.
6. Alumni House, n.d.
7. Alumni House, n.d.
8. The Library, n.d.
9. Fulton Chapel, graduates in robes, n.d.

Accretion to University Buildings Collection

23. Mary Buie Museum
dedication program
newspaper clipping on dedication

24. McCain Hall
dedication programs (2 copies)

25. Baptist Student Center
invitation to dedication

26. Barnard Hall/Garland Hall/Hedleston Hall/Leavell Hall/Mayes Hall/Somerville Hall
dedication programs (2 copies)

27. Field House
dedication programs (5 copies)

28. Anderson Hall
dedication program