J.D. Williams Library Hours

Library hours vary throughout the year and for home football games.

During inclement weather, please call 915-1040 for information regarding the operation of the University. When the University closes, the libraries will also be closed.

JD Williams Library

Spring Semester 1/22/14 - 5/9/14

Spring Semester
Monday-Thursday 7AM - 2AM
Friday 7AM - 7PM
Saturday 10AM - 6PM
Sunday 1PM - 2AM

Spring Break
Saturday, March 8th Closed
Sunday, March 9th Closed
Monday, March 10th 7AM - 6PM
Tuesday, March 11th 7AM - 6PM
Wednesday, March 12th 7AM - 6PM
Thursday, March 13th 7AM - 6PM
Friday, March 14th 7AM - 6PM

Easter Holiday Weekend
Friday, April 18th Closed
Saturday, April 19th Closed

(Pre) Finals Week
Sunday, April 27th Open at 1PM
Monday, April 28th Open 24 Hours
Tuesday, April 29th Open 24 Hours
Wednesday, April 30th Open 24 Hours
Thursday, May 1st Open 24 Hours
Friday, May 2nd Open 24 Hours
Saturday, May 3rd Open 24 Hours
Sunday, May 4th Open 24 Hours
Monday, May 5th Open 24 Hours
Tuesday, May 6th Open 24 Hours
Wednesday, May 7th Open 24 Hours
Thursday, May 8th Open 24 Hours
Friday, May 9th Close at 6PM

Saturday, May 10th 8AM - 6PM
Sunday, May 11th Closed

May Intersession 5/12/2013 - 5/27/2013

May Intersession
Monday, May 12th 7AM - 10PM
Tuesday, May 13th 7AM - 10PM
Wednesday, May 14th 7AM - 10PM
Thursday, May 15th 7AM - 10PM
Friday, May 16th 7AM - 7PM
Saturday, May 17th 10AM - 6PM
Sunday, May 18th 1PM - 10PM
Monday, May 19th 7AM - 10PM
Tuesday, May 20th 7AM - 10PM
Wednesday, May 21st 7AM - 10PM
Thursday, May 22nd 7AM - 10PM
Friday, May 23rd 7AM - 7PM
Saturday, May 24th 10AM - 6PM

Memorial Day
Memorial Day
Sunday, May 25th Closed
Monday, May 26th Closed

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