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Reserve houses and makes available reading material which has been placed on hold for a specific course by professors and teaching assistants. It is located at the West Circulation Desk of the J.D. Williams Library. Click on the list below to view more detailed information. To reserve materials, please complete, print and submit the Reserve List Form.


Students wishing to check out materials on reserve must present a current barcoded identification card.

Loan Periods

Types of Reserve include the following:

  • File Folders - 2 hours
  • File Folders - 3 hours (Not renewable)
  • Personal Copies - 2 hours
  • Personal Copies - 3 hours (Not renewable)
  • Personal Copies - 24 hours
  • Personal Copies - 72 hours
  • Personal Copies - 168 hours (7 days)
  • Library Books - 2 hours
  • Library Books - 3 hours (Not renewable)
  • Library Books - 24 hours
  • Library Books - 72 hours
  • Library Books - 168 hours (7 days)
  • STANDARDIZED TESTS & TEST GUIDES: With the exception of faculty / staff, Standardized Tests and Test Guides may not be taken out of the Library.


Reserve items cannot be held for pickup. This material is only available on a first come, first serve basis.


Fines on reserve materials returned overdue are charged in the amount of $1.00 per hour for overdue hourly reserve items for all patrons, and $1.00 a day for overdue daily reserve items.

OPAC Listing

Students may look up Reserve items in the online catalog under the course name or number, and under the name of the professor teaching the course.

Placing Materials On Reserve at the Main Library

Complete the Reserve List Form for material being placed on reserve. The information you enter on your Reserve List Form is the information that is entered into the library catalog. The more complete the information which you provide us, the more complete and consistent the entry your students will see in the catalog.

Each professor or teaching assistant placing material on Reserve should bring the Reserve List Form and their material, including library books from the stacks, to the West Circulation Desk. You should complete the Reserve process at least two full working days prior to making a class assignment, so that Reserve Material will be available to your students when they start requesting it. We also ask that you give us four full working days at the beginning of the semester to process your Reserve material due to the large quantity of material being placed on reserve at that time. Placing materials on reserve up to two weeks prior to the beginning of a semester will speed the processing of your materials.

Limited staffing prevents us from making photocopies of your materials. Multiple copies of photocopied materials must be provided by the professor or teaching assistant. It is recommended that a minimum of two copies of photocopied items be placed on Reserve to allow faster access to patrons.

Photocopied materials (File Folders) that would require longer check out periods than 2 or 3 hours may be classified as personal copies. You may choose check out periods of: 2 hours, 3 hours, 24 hours, 72 hours, 168 hours. All items not marked with a specified loan term will be set to a default of 2 hours and will not be allowed to leave the library.

No staff is available on weekends for Reserve processing.

Changes in Reserve types originally designated by you may cause processing delays.

Reserve information available to you through our online public catalog allows you the opportunity of checking your course records. Should you note any information that would require updating, please notify Reserve at 915-5858 or send us an E-mail to

Removing Material on Reserve at the Main Library

All Reserve Materials, will be removed and returned to the professor via campus mail at the end of each semester, after the last final for the course has been given. Both semesters of summer school will count as one semester for purposes of removing materials from Reserve.

Unless prior arrangements have been made by a professor:

  1. All Reserve Materials belonging to the Library, will be removed from Reserve and returned to the general collection during semester break periods.
  2. All items not belonging to the Library will be returnes to the professor; to include file folders and personal copies.
To insure prompt removal and return of your Reserve Materials to you or to the Library's main collection, please contact the Circulation/Reserve Department at 915-5858 to make arrangements to have your materials taken off reserve and to arrange for you to pick up your file folders and your personal copies.

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