Printing in the Library

Cashless Printing FAQ

  1. How do I print in the library?
    1. Swipe your Ole Miss ID card at the print station (If you are a visitor, you may purchase a card at the Circulation Desk).
    2. Select the name you gave your work.
    3. Click "Print" (For multiple names, hold the "Ctrl" key on the keyboard while clicking the names you want to print).
    4. IMPORTANT: Click "Logout" at the bottom left of the screen after you have printed.
    5. Pick up your print outs at any black and white printer location: Commons, West Entrance, and Baxter Room or at the color printer in the Commons.
    6. Check out our screen shot view of the printing process!

  2. What is Ole Miss Express?
    1. OLE MISS EXPRESS is a prepaid, stored-value/debit account linked to your University of Mississippi ID card that you can deposit into at anytime. Once funded, simply swipe your Ole Miss ID card as a method of payment at participating locations on campus and around town! For more information see

  3. How can I put money in my Ole Miss Express account?
    1. You can deposit funds in person at the ID Center and the Bursar’s Offices.
    2. You can make a deposit over the phone from VISA and MasterCard at 662-915-7423.
    3. You can deposit funds online at with a $2.50 service fee per transaction.

  4. What about copiers and microfilm machines?
    1. These will continue to take cash and Ole Miss Express as before.

  5. Can I use Ole Miss Express if I am not a student?
    1. Ole Miss Express is available to Faculty and Staff as well as students.

  6. What if I am not affiliated with the University of Mississippi?
    1. Library patrons who are not students, faculty or staff of the university can purchase Library Printing cards at the circulation desk for $5. Various denomination cards will be available, and, once purchased, funds can be deposited on these cards as directed above.

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