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Information Literacy:

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The University of Mississippi’s Information Literacy Committee began in 2005 as a library committee; it is currently a sub-committee of the General Education Committee.


The Committee advises the General Education Committee and the Dean of Libraries in the implementation of the national Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education (ALA, 2000).

The Committee:


Positions appointed by Chair with the approval of Dean Hopkins
Terms are 3 years

Information Literacy Committee Membership

Contact Information

Amy E. Gibson, Committee Chair
Information Literacy Librarian & Professor
Representative of the Department of Online Design and eLearning
J.D. Williams Library
University of Mississippi
University, MS 38677

Current Projects

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Past Projects

During its lifespan, the Committee has enjoyed the support of many faculty members at all levels; they have volunteered their time to develop localized Information Literacy standards, craft model assignments, create campus presentations, investigate best practices, and conceptualize methods of encouraging our own students to become more information literate.

The Information Literacy Committee has developed an Online Plagiarism Tutorial which consists of a short movie, highlighting different forms of plagiarism, the consequences of plagiarism and different methods that students can utilize to ensure their work is properly sourced and cited. The movie is followed by a quiz to make sure students have a good understanding of plagiarism before they begin their studies.