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Project Proposals for Project Designer -- Application Information

Employment type: Contract

Telecommute: Allowed

The University of Mississippi's Information Literacy Committee is seeking Project Proposals to create a Drupal 7 web application with the capability to build decision tree modules (like, or based on the Skill Compass distribution). In the spirit of open source for educational purposes, the University of Mississippi will allow the application to made available as a distribution on

Project Designer is a new web application that will guide students through the decisions necessary to produce quality multimodal projects, or projects that involve one or more modes of communication. Some examples of common multimodal projects include: podcasts, web sites, videos, posters, photo essays, playlists, pamphlets, slide show presentations, audio recordings, still images, and PDFs.

The system is based on the concept of a decision tree interactively guiding students with several possible entry points. For example, in Use Case scenario A the student enters Project Designer with a pre-determined method of delivery. Whether a student enters the system with a pre-determined time constraint, purpose, audience or method of delivery, he or she would ultimately be guided through the same elements of the decision trees. The system should allow a student to enter the system with the ability to explore the possibilities of multimodal media, audience, purpose, and project management.


Our motivation is to help students make informed decisions when creating projects that involve one or more modes of communication to convey information to a particular audience for an intended purpose.

Multimodalism is essential to convey information through use of appropriate tools, design elements, and media formats, yet higher education has yet to address the confluence of these skills. As these are essential skills, it is important to us to contribute to equitable education through the open source community once this project has been completed.


Project Description and Application Information [PDF]

Supporting Documentation

All questions should be directed to:

Amy E. Gibson
Head of Instruction, Information Literacy Librarian & Professor
Representative of the Department of Online Design and eLearning
J.D. Williams Library
University of Mississippi
University, MS 38677