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Information Literacy:
Vision, Mission, Goals and Outcomes

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The Information Literacy Program’s primary mission is to ensure that the graduates of the University of Mississippi are information literate: that students are able to identify information needs and use information appropriately in their academic careers, in a job-related context, and as lifelong learners.

Program Goals and Outcomes

Increase campus-wide collaboration with the Information Literacy Committee


  1. Incorporate the teaching of information competencies and skills both across the disciplines, and from first year through graduate students;
  2. Create a common campus language for discussing information literacy;
  3. Institutionalize information literacy into the curriculum;
  4. Collaborate with individuals, departments, schools and administration to build a culture of assessment.

Collaborate with faculty to prepare students for lifelong learning by providing opportunities for acquiring information seeking and evaluation skills.


  1. Introduce students to the processes of, and comprehension of information literacy practices to create persistent and creative pursuit of life-long learning;
  2. Teach students how to obtain appropriate the resources in order to fulfill academic, job-related and personal information needs;
  3. Use library instruction sessions to assist students in developing critical thinking skills;
  4. Develop opportunities for engaging students in learning beyond the classroom in order to better serve student learning.

Work with library faculty and staff to improve their information literacy teaching skills.


  1. Create an environment of trust, creativity, and collegiality among instruction librarians in order to promote innovation and change in library instruction;
  2. Improve teaching skills and abilities in order to help librarians convey information literacy principles effectively to students;
  3. Construct a framework of assessment for library instruction sessions.

Adapted from “Action Plan (draft) by Becky Sproat and Rachel Goon for Tacoma Community College Library June 9, 2005, initially inspired by Pierce College Library; also from internal Florida State University document.