Research Help

Research Help Tutorial:
Why Your Professor Makes Research Writing Assignments

Though writing research papers can be challenging, these assignments are often among the most meaningful learning experiences in your college career.  Conducting research and disseminating findings not only allows you to learn more about research topics in depth but also to engage in projects that interest you personally.

In addition, research writing assignments help you to build the following skills which prepare you for a successful career.

  1. To seek information among library resources, to more effectively accomplish online searches and to conduct interviews with experts. 
  2. To address a wide variety of ethical concerns involved with research.
  3. To practice using the language of your chosen profession. 
  4. To use discipline-specific documentation style manuals which equip you to write in your chosen profession.  And yes, all professions require writing.
  5. To determine where you take a stand in the midst of the collected research and how to effectively support your position with other findings.
  6. To share your research with others.

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