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Research Help Tutorial:
Using Google Scholar to Search the Catalog

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This tutorial will show you how to make the most of Google Scholar. Google Scholar is a search engine created by Google specifically for searching for scholarly articles and books. It is a supplement to, but does not replace, the Library’s databases.

Accessing Google Scholar from the Library Home Page
From the Library’s home page, click on Articles and Databases, find the Google Scholar link in the alphabetical list and click on it.

Using Google Scholar
After clicking on the link to Google Scholar, you will be presented with a similar search tool to the regular Google home page.

Enter search terms for the topic that you would like to research and the results will list a number of citations to related articles and books. The citation results are listed by relevence and the number of times the source has been cited by other articles or books. Under each citation title is a list of general information about the source, including:

Each citation also has specific tools for the source such as "Fulltext @ UM Libraries", "Library Search" and "Web Search".

Using the Search Results to Access an Article
If you select "Fulltext @ UM Libraries" you will be taken to a UM library catalog page with information about where you can find the article, including a link to full-text access to the article. The article will open in a new window or tab.

Some articles will not have a full-text link to UM Libraries. If the citation has a "Get it at UM Libraries" link you will be taken to a UM library catalog page which will offer additional information about the artice. You can search the catalog for the article, or relevant sources using the "Library Catalog (Search by ISSN)" link, or request the article from "Interlibrary Loan".

Using the Search Results to Access a Book
Finding books through Google Scholar works a little differently than finding articles. When you identify a book that you would like to see, click on the link for Library Search, below the citation.

You will be taken to a database called WorldCat which will give you more information about the book. Use the Search My Library link to see if it is available in the UM Libraries. If the book is available, a library catalog screen will open from which you can get the item’s location and call number.

Additional Features
The Google Scholar home page has additional features to help you find what you are searching for:

Pros and Cons of Using Google Scholar