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Research Help Tutorial:
Understanding a Book Catalog Record

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After accessing a book catalog record through the library website, you will be presented with a page containing different information about the book. Below is an explanation of each section to help you better understand a book catalog record.

The title of the book is located near the top of the record.

This is the primary author of the book. If there is more than one main author, they will be listed under Additional Authors near the bottom of the record

Call Number
The call number shows where the book is located in the library. Books are grouped together on the shelves with others in the same subject area.

This is where the book maybe found in the library.

This shows if the book is available for checkout.

Physical Description
This gives you information about how many pages the book is, if there are illustrations and the physical size of the book

Publication Information
This shows where and when the book was published

This lets you know that the book has been republished possibly with corrections or updates to the original book.

This indicates whether the book is part of a series and the series title. Click on the title to view other books in the series.

Notes and Bibliography
This area provides information about the book.

This tells you what the book is about. You can click on each line to find other books with the same subject

Some books are donated to the library from personal collections; this indicates who donated the book.