Research Help

Research Help Tutorial:
Using CQ Researcher


CQ Researcher is a database of articles written on current issues and events. It’s an academic database that you may find helpful for research papers or for general background reading.

To find CQ Researcher, go to the J. D. Williams Library.  Then click Articles and Databases.
Click on the C and scroll down until you see CQ Researcher. Click on the words CQ Researcher.

When you’re in CQ Researcher, on the left you’ll see number of options. You can browse by topic or use the search box.  When you use a keyword in the search box, you’ll get a results list.  On the list you can check the date to see how current the reports are. If you were interested in the topic of Buying Green, for instance, you might click on that topic to access the article.

After accessing the report,  you’ll see a table of contents on the left, starting with the full report.
The Pro/Con section , for example, presents experts’ opinions on the issue.
The Maps and Graphs section provides graphics and visuals which you can copy and paste into a powerpoint or Word document.  In the Contacts section, you’ll find a list of recommended organizations or information sources. Each one has an annotation which describes the organization or office. Some sources will be from the U. S. Government, which are always considered reliable.

If you decide to use information from CQ Researcher in a paper or project, don’t forget to document the source of your information. In CQ Researcher, the Cite Now button, on the top menu, will provide an APA or MLA citation which you can copy and paste into your paper.

In the Cite Now window, you can scroll down and click on Save Citation Style to the Document. This saves the citation style for any reports you email to yourself.

In the Email menu box, at the top of the page, you can email a portion or the full report. You can use any email address.

Need More Help?
If you need more help, go back to the library webpage and click on Ask a Librarian. You’ll find the chat widget, the phone number, and the email address for the Reference Librarians. We’ll be glad to offer more help!