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The "Find It" Button: Linking to full text articles

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The Find It button is a tool that helps you locate the full text of a journal or magazine article from an article citation in a database.

When carrying out a database search, you can see from the Full Text links that some articles are readily available in the database. Other articles have no direct links to full text. Instead, we see the Find It button.

If you click the Find It button, a new page opens up. This page will appear in a new window or tab. At the top of this page, we see a section called Search Criteria. In this section, we find all of the article citation information. You can email or export article citations to yourself using the tools provided. In the box in the middle of the screen are links to content. When you see the word ARTICLE in the links to content, you should be able to find the full text of the article by following the link.

Upon clicking the link, you are taken to the web page for the desired article where you can click on " PDF" to open the full text article.

Sometimes, the use of the Find It button is not supported by the database. Google Scholar is one example. In this database, the links that are labeled as Full text at U of Mississippi have the same function as the Find it button. When you click the link a new window opens with the familiar linking page. The citation information is at the top of the page and any links to the article are in the middle of the page. The link takes us to the web page for the article. Just click on the pdf icon to open.