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Plagiarism and Academic Honesty

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This twenty minute Flash video tutorial will help you understand what is expected of you at the University of Mississippi in terms of academic honesty and plagiarism. You will learn what plagiarism is along with ways to avoid it. You will also learn about the consequences of plagiarism, cheating and other forms of academic dishonesty here at the University.

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Which version should I watch?

If you are on campus or have a high speed connection, we recommend watching the high quality streaming version. If you experience delayed buffering (a spinning disc indicating the stream is trying to catch up) you can pause the video, let it stream a few minutes and then watch it uninterrupted. Or you can choose the low quality streaming video.

This video was produced by the University of Mississippi Libraries, the Information Literacy Committee and the General Education Committee. Everyone appearing in the video is part of the University community; faculty, students and staff. All students appearing in the video were volunteers and have not actually been accused of academic dishonesty in any way.

Course related information:
If you have been instructed to take the associated quiz, login to Blackboard where you will find the quiz under the General Education Series course tab

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Information for Faculty

A "Plagiarism and Academic Honesty Learning Unit" is available for use in your course. Find out more.