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Plagiarism and Academic Honesty

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This tutorial will help you understand what is expected of you at the University of Mississippi in terms of academic honesty and plagiarism. You will learn what plagiarism is along with ways to avoid it. You will also learn about the consequences of plagiarism, cheating and other forms of academic dishonesty here at the University.

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This project was produced by the University of Mississippi Libraries, the Information Literacy Committee and the General Education Committee. Everyone appearing in the video is part of the University community; faculty, students and staff. All students appearing in the video were volunteers and have not actually been accused of academic dishonesty in any way.

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Text and Image Version:

students outside class

Outside the classroom, as students are leaving class:

students inside class

Inside the classroom students talking to the professor after class:

Music student playing Sax

Music Room, A Music Student is playing a piece of music on the saxophone:

Computer Science Student

Chemistry Lab, A science student is working on a compound:

Computer Science Student

Computer science student sitting at a library computer:

Inside the classroom professor talking to entire class:


Student and librarian

In the library in the information commons with a librarian in the background:

Art Student in Class

Art Student in an art studio:

Students outside after class

Outside after class
Students standing by a pillar:

Students discussing cheating

Stairs in Library:

Montage of images and text frames associated with cheating and technology while narrator talks.

Academic Discipline committee

Academic Discipline Committee discussing student plagiarism cases:

Student and Teacher in Art Studio

Inside the art studio, teacher and student are looking at a student's finished print:

Inside the classroom:

Dr.Donald Cole

Scene in Donald Cole’s office:

Art Professor

Meek Hall:

Music Professor

Music Hall:

Chemistry Professor

Chemistry Lab:



Students in classroom

Inside the classroom:

Students relaxing in dorm

In Male Dorms:


Students studying in Library

Studying in the Library:

Students leaving for the party

Various shots of the students in different activities:

(Studying to get the paper done, getting ready for the party, relaxing in dorms, heading out to the party)

Professor looking at finished papers

Inside the classroom:

Student has made an F on his paper

Shot of Papers returned, Steve has made an F:

Writing Center Consultant helping student

Voiceover by Brenda Robertson, head of the Writing Center:

Note: The University abides by FERPA, which prohibits information to third parties, without consent of the student.

The student in the following scene has given his parents' permission to contact the University

Student in front of Academic Discipline committee

Student in front of Academic Discipline Committee:

Student's Mother, on the phone with his professor

Students Mother on Phone/Office of Professor Martin

Professor answering Students Mother

Phone rings in Professor Martin’s office

Student in front of Academic Discipline Committee

Cut to Student in front of Academic Discipline Committee:

Cut back to Students mother on the phone:

Cut to Student in front of Academic Discipline Committee:

Flashback to Academic Discipline Committee member

Flashback to Academic Discipline Committee Member:

Student Packing bags

Steve loading up some boxes in his dorm:
Fellow students walk up:

Students in dorm discussing graduation

Couch in female dorm:

Students Saying goodbye to Steve

Parking Lot: Steve's friends are seeing him off, as his case of plagiarism has lead to a suspension from school:



Mom (Paula Clayman): Dr. Debbie Chessin
Associate Provost: Dr. Donald Cole
Student: Jennifer Cross
Student (Steve): John Darnell
Student: Maggie Day
Detection Software Narrator; Jason Dewland
Academic Discipline Committee Member: Dr. Charlotte Fant
Art Professor: Katherine Rhodes Fields
Student: Greg Flaherty
Academic Discipline Committee Member: Dr. Jacob Kathman
Former Chancellor: Dr. Robert Khayat
Academic Discipline Committee Member (Dr. Martin): Dr. Theresa Levitt
Student (Football Player): Kentrell Lockett Jr.
Student: Alyssa Mahaffey
Librarian: Amy E. Gibson
Citation Narrator: Missy Murphy
Academic Discipline Committee Chair; Dr. Dan O’Sullivan
Writing Center Consultant: Jamie Page
Student: Emily Philips
Student: Sarita Pollock
Main Professor: Rene Pulliam
Writing Center Narrator: Brenda Robertson
Student: Carolyn Rucker
Computer Science Student: Safa Salman
Student: Sara Siebert:
Chemistry Student: Shana Stoddard
Student: George Schaff
Art Student: Ross Turner
Chemistry Professor: Dr. Randy Wadkins
Student: Alex Watson
Academic Discipline Committee Member: Dr. Jonathon Winburn
Music Professor: Dr. Michael Worthy
Music Student (Saxophone Player): Charlie Young

Produced By:

University of Mississippi Libraries
University of Mississippi: Information Literacy Committee
University of Mississippi: General Education Committee

Filmed, Directed & Edited by:

Debra A. Riley-Huff

Film Day Production Assistants:

Tina Harry
Judy Greenwood
James Kelleway

Original Script by:

University of Mississippi Information Literacy Committee.

2008-2009 Information Literacy Committee Members:


If Only: Steve Riley
Traveling South: Olive Musique
You’re Mine: Full Bird Music

Thank-you to the following for your support:

Dr. Maurice Eftink, Associate Provost
Julia Rholes, Dean of Libraries
Dr. Glenn Hopkins, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts,
Java City in J.D. Williams Library
UM School of Education
UM Writing Center
Faculty Technology Development Center
Student previewers from Oxford High School
Faculty and Staff of UM Libraries

For more information about intellectual property and copyright, see the UM copyright policy.
Copyright © 2009 The University of Mississippi. All rights reserved

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