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Plagiarism & Academic Honesty:
Using the Plagiarism Tutorial in Education:
Case Studies


Analysis and evaluation of cases in education provide opportunity to apply knowledge of a topic to a real life situation. Using the Plagiarism Video and Quiz together with cases in undergraduate education facilitates a deeper understanding of what plagiarism is, who it hurts, and subsequent consequences.
Students will:

Case 1: One assignment in an undergraduate teacher education course is to create and implement a lesson plan in science in their field placement. Stephanie turned her work in at the last minute without consulting her cooperating teacher and university supervisor. Stapled together with the lesson plan were several “cute” worksheets for the students to complete during and after the lesson. Stephanie found these worksheets on the Internet and copied and pasted them onto a Word document without citing the source. The university supervisor told Stephanie that her work was an example of plagiarism.
Read the case independently and work in small groups of three to discuss and answer the following:

(Possible answer: Copying the worksheet from the Internet without citing the source. Somebody else created this work; therefore Stephanie must properly cite and give credit to the author)

(Possible answers: I didn’t read this in the “M” book. I didn’t know this was an example of plagiarism. I’m not that kind of person! It’s just a worksheet. I waited too long and ran out of time. My friend did the same thing and said it was OK.)

(Give herself more time to do a more thorough job. Consult with the cooperating teacher and the university supervisor. Most importantly, make sure the worksheet fits with the lesson AND includes the complete citation in correct APA format—the style for the School of Education)

(Stephanie should be made aware of her mistake. She should have to rewrite the entire lesson plan and include worksheets with proper and correct citation. Consult with the cooperating teacher and university supervisor before turning in the assignment. Ask the university supervisor or a librarian for correct citation protocol)