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Research Help Tutorial:
Plagiarism and Academic Honesty Resources for Faculty

Outcomes for "Plagiarism and Academic Honesty: A Tutorial"

Upon completion of the plagiarism tutorial, students will be able to:

  1. Define intellectual property
  2. Define Plagiarism, according to the UM plagiarism policy (M-book)
  3. Identity when to document print and electronic sources
    1. Common knowledge
    2. Integrate sources into scholarly work / research
  4. Understand the relationship between plagiarism and academic honesty as included in the UM Creed
  5. Locate the UM plagiarism policy
  6. Identify UM consequences of plagiarism
  7. Identify ethical and legal consequences of plagiarism
  8. Identify strategies to avoid plagiarism
    1. Identify appropriate resources for assistance with scholarly work